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6:00 am
Wed June 17, 2015

Extended Interview: Pastor Carlton Lynch on Reducing Summertime Violence

Pastor Carlton Lynch leads New Beginnings Church in Fort Wayne.
Credit Carlton Lynch

The official start of summer is nearly here. And while that usually means the kids  are home, the weather’s warm, and summer activities abound…for many  communities, it also means an uptick in violence.  Fort Wayne is not immune to the problem, either.

Non-fatal shootings in the city  have more than doubled in the last ten years. The issue is getting attention: city leaders have begun talking about it in recent  months with public safety roundtables.  

But Fort Wayne Pastor Carlton Lynch is tackling the issue head on.  

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6:00 am
Tue June 16, 2015

Building Bike Infrastructure is a Slow but Steady Process

Credit Virginia Alvino / WBOI News

In Fort Wayne and around the globe, more and more people are using bicycles for health and recreation, and even as a mode of transportation.

 The city’s trail system – which allows bikes – has has increased increases in length and popularity in the last decade. But street infrastructure is slowly but surely increasing as well. But how does a more bike-friendly environment come to pass? WBOI’s Virginia Alvino tells us more about how the planning process works, and how projects are chosen.

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5:14 pm
Mon June 15, 2015

Community Cat Program Gets Funding Boost

Cats are trapped, microchipped, vaccinated, spayed and neutered, then returned to the community.
Credit Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control

Free-roaming cats are often unowned, unwanted and at risk of being taken to shelters and euthanized, but Fort Wayne’s Community Cat Program aims to protect stray cats. The program’s leaders announced it received new funding this week.

The program, run by Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, traps stray cats and vaccinates, spays and neuters them. The cats are microchipped, marked with an ear clipping and returned to their communities.

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Health Care
4:10 pm
Mon June 15, 2015

New Ads Encourage HIP 2.0 Enrollment

An ad campaign starting Monday aims to bring more qualifying Hoosiers into the state's new HIP 2.0 plan.
Credit Courtesy / State of Indiana

Hundreds of thousands of Hoosiers have enrolled in Governor Pence’s healthcare program HIP 2.0 since rollout began earlier this year.  But the state wants more people to sign up, launching an ad campaign Monday to promote the program.

Halfway through its first year, more than 283,000 Hoosiers are participating in HIP 2.0.  And Family and Social Services Administration spokesman Jim Gavin says so far, enrollment has largely been achieved through word of mouth.

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8:00 am
Mon June 15, 2015

Cattle Hormones Could Be Worse for Environment Than Previously Thought

Credit Wikimedia Commons

A recent study shows growth hormones used in beef cattle could be worse for the  environment than previously thought.  The new research comes from Indiana University.

Synthetic testosterone is used in the majority of U.S. beef cattle to make cows  bigger.  But when the steroids exit the cows, they can easily be washed into waterways. And once those compounds enter the environment, they can have surprising  reactions - like increasing in potency. 

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6:00 am
Mon June 15, 2015

Rules of the Road Evolve with Infrastructure

Active transportation planner for the City of Fort Wayne Kate Riordan rides in newly painted bike lanes on Main Street.
Credit Virginia Alvino / WBOI News

In Fort Wayne, motorists and cyclists sometimes struggle to share the road – and there are the collisions to prove it. 

In the past five years in Allen County there have been more than 400 collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles, including two fatalities and more than 300 injuries. The number one reason? Failure to yield. And police say both motorists and cyclists are each at fault only about half the time.

The rules of the road are pretty straightforward – share.

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Health & Science
3:00 pm
Sat June 13, 2015

Weekly Experiment - Binomial Nomenclature

In this episode of The Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central explains taxonomy. How do scientists classify and name living things, and how did our modern system start? 

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Arts & Culture
6:49 pm
Fri June 12, 2015

Arts United Survey Seeks to Advance Fort Wayne's Cultural Vibrancy

Festival goers enjoying a "Taste of the Arts", an annual Fort Wayne event, hosted by Arts United.
Credit Courtesy/Dan Ross

Arts United, Fort Wayne's umbrella arts organization, is getting ready ask residents a big question: "What do you love about this community?"

Arts United is hoping to set an agenda for advancing arts and culture in Northeast Indiana, beginning this Monday, with a short "Quality of Life Survey."

The results will be presented in two public town hall meetings this July, and information from those discussions will be added to the final report.

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6:39 pm
Fri June 12, 2015

With Revenue Down, Lottery Overhauls Managment Contract

Credit Courtesy / Hoosier Lottery

A private company that manages Indiana’s lottery has failed to meet the state’s revenue goals for the two years it’s been in charge. In response, the State Lottery Commission Friday drastically lowered the targets the company has to meet.

As part of its contract to manage the lottery, management firm GTECH set revenue goals it had to meet or pay a penalty to the state.  It just missed the target its first year and this year it’s on track to fall short by nearly 80 million dollars, bringing in less money than last year. 

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2:55 pm
Thu June 11, 2015

Fort Wayne Dance Collective Announces New Director

John Byrne has been selected to be the next director of the Fort Wayne Dance Collective.
Credit Rocco Di Frassinello

The Fort Wayne Dance Collective announced their new artistic director Wednesday. New York based John Byrne will take on the role starting in September.

He succeeds the organization’s founding member and first director Liz Monnier who will be resigning after 36 years of service.

Byrne is a dancer and choreographer, alumnus of the Juliard School, the School of American Ballet, and North Carolina School of the Arts. His resume includes classical and modern dance, commercial work, and dance education.

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