Julia Meek

Fort Wayne's downtown was surprised by a full scale yarn bombing Sunday, leaving the area blanketed in mystery.

At 2:00 p.m. yesterday, guerilla knitters swarmed the city's arts campus, leaving over 1000 square feet of brightly colored, non-lethal textile trail in its wake.

Most of the explosion occurred in the Arts United plaza itself, covering pillars, benches and more than fifteen trees, though some of the kniffiti ric-crocheted into Freimann Square.

While General Anthony Wayne was unharmed, his horse took many multi-colored hits.

Susan Kinney

Just over a year after funding was secured for completing the renovation of the historic Clyde Theatre on the city's south side, the work is done, which means the doors are ready to open on one of Indiana's premier arts and entertainment venues.

Rebecca Green / Northeast Indiana Public Radio/WBOI

Electric Works will be conducting tours of the old General Electric campus throughout the month of May.

Elevatus Architecture

Fort Wayne City Council unanimously repealed a 43-year-old statute known as the West Main Street Renewal Project.


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