Rebecca Green

News Director

Rebecca manages the news at WBOI. She joined the staff in December 2017, and brought with her nearly two decades of experience in print journalism, including 15 years as an award-winning reporter for the Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne.

A South Bend native, she is a graduate of Taylor University and resident of northeast Indiana since the late 1990's. Rebecca has covered everything from homicides to hurricanes, and the small stories in between that make up the fabric of a community. She is passionate about the importance of local news in guarding a strong democracy, and tries to instill that belief in her students as an adjunct instructor of journalism at Huntington University. 

In her spare time, Rebecca trains and handles a human remains detection dog, Helo, as a volunteer with Indiana Search and Response Team, a search and rescue organization. 

Provided by Indiana Tech

Filling a position created earlier this year, Indiana Tech announced Wednesday Lisa D. Givan will serve as the school's new associate vice president for diversity and inclusion.

Givan has a Bachelor's degree in Sociology/Corrections and a Master's of Arts degree in Education, both from the University of Akron. Givan is also currently completing her studies through the Institute for Diversity Certification to become a Certified Diversity Executive.

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During Tuesday evening's meeting, Fort Wayne City Council members will discuss a planned water utility rate increase.

Earlier this month, city officials announced a plan to raise rates to shore up a water distribution system prone to main breaks in recent months. With an average of 300 main breaks a year, city utilities officials said there were more than 150 water main breaks in the first five months of 2018.

The additional money raised would go to replace the aging pipes in the city's 1,400-mile water system, according to Fort Wayne city officials.

Wheeler Cowperthwaite (Flikr)

The Fort Wayne/Allen County Dept. of Health will be offering free rapid HIV testing from 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Walgreens, 110 E. Creighton Ave.

The test is free and confidential. No appointments are necessary and the results are available within 20 minutes, according to a release from the Fort Wayne/Allen County Dept. of Health.

Other confidential HIV testing sites include:

Rebecca Green/WBOI

An early look at an expirement in conservation along the Eel River in Roann shows positive results. The project tries to balance the history of the community with the ecological needs of the river's residents.

Jerry Sweeten just retired as Manchester University’s director of environmental studies. But his concern over the wellbeing of the area’s fish, and the streams and rivers they swim in continues.


Rebecca Green/WBOI

  Zoo animals and those visiting them Wednesday were able to participate in “Enrichment Day”, an event designed to showcase the work keepers do to keep the residents healthy and entertained.

For the 24-year-old Komodo Dragon Gorgon lazing in her pen, enrichment looks like a switch in her bedding or having to hunt for her food, according to reptile keeper Nate Stewart.

“It is to provide different forms of stimulation," he said. "It keeps them active whether mentally or physically.”