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Reporter & All Things Considered Host

Virginia joined WBOI in August of 2013. She works to report on often overlooked stories in the community, and uncover solutions as much as difficulties that we as a community face. Virginia began reporting out of the Statehouse in Salem, OR, and has reported for the Northwest News Network and Oregon Public Broadcasting. Virginia is now the local WBOI host of All Things Considered.


1:36 pm
Fri July 3, 2015

Vincent Village Takes Family From Homeless to Renters

Residents of the newly built home in Vincent Village address the press, along with Mayor Tom Henry, and Vincent Village Executive Director Denise Andorfer.
Credit Virginia Alvino / WBOI News

One previously homeless Fort Wayne family of four is able to call a home their  own. They’re paying an income-based rent on a new house built on the Vincent Village  campus.

The property was officially dedicated Thursday. 

Vincent Village owns and rents 33 properties to provide affordable housing for low  income residents. 

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12:04 pm
Thu July 2, 2015

YWCA Merges with Hope House

Credit YWCA

Two Fort Wayne non-profits that serve women in the region announced they’re  merging Wednesday. 

Hope House will now be a division of YWCA Northeast Indiana. The two organizations have complimentary missions - Hope House provides  transitional housing for homeless women facing addiction. 

The 120-year-old  YWCA offers a domestic violence shelter for women in Allen and the surrounding  counties.   

Debbie Beckman is the President and CEO of YWCA Northeast Indiana. She says  more awareness of the issues is creating more demand. 

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1:43 pm
Sat June 27, 2015

Power Out, Trees Down From Wind Storm

Residents of the West Central Neighborhood survey the damage on Wayne Street.
Virginia Alvino WBOI News

Heavy rain and windstorms Saturday morning caused dozens of trees to fall, resulting in damage to vehicles and property throughout Allen County. 

Thousands have also been left without power in Allen and the surrounding counties, according to Indiana Michigan Power. I&M says it is unclear when power will be restored to all of its customers, but it could take several days.

6:09 pm
Mon June 22, 2015

Pollution From Flood Waters Could Threaten Great Lakes

Many Fort Wayne's parks, including Swinney Park, remain largely flooded.
Credit Jeremey Young

While recent flooding across the region has posed public safety concerns and inconveniences, it can also have a significant environmental impact.  Flooding poses more of a threat to  waterways downstream of Fort Wayne. 

Record-setting rainfall this month has caused sewage, sediments, and harmful  nutrients to enter Fort Wayne’s waterways. Dan Wire of the Tri-State Watershed Alliance says although the rivers are  particularly bloated and brown right now, we don’t have much to worry about  here. 

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3:32 pm
Wed June 17, 2015

Rain Continues, City Works to Prevent Flood Damage

A crew comprised of City workers and volunteers fills sandbags to prevent flood damage in the Belle Vista neighborhood of Fort Wayne.
Lisa Ryan WBOI News

Continuing rainfall in Northeast Indiana isn’t expected to let up any time soon, causing pockets of flooding. 

Crews and volunteers worked through the night Tuesday filling sandbags and  constructing temporary levees to help protect property. A number of parks around  the community are flooded and closed as well. 

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6:00 am
Wed June 17, 2015

Extended Interview: Pastor Carlton Lynch on Reducing Summertime Violence

Pastor Carlton Lynch leads New Beginnings Church in Fort Wayne.
Credit Carlton Lynch

The official start of summer is nearly here. And while that usually means the kids  are home, the weather’s warm, and summer activities abound…for many  communities, it also means an uptick in violence.  Fort Wayne is not immune to the problem, either.

Non-fatal shootings in the city  have more than doubled in the last ten years. The issue is getting attention: city leaders have begun talking about it in recent  months with public safety roundtables.  

But Fort Wayne Pastor Carlton Lynch is tackling the issue head on.  

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6:00 am
Tue June 16, 2015

Building Bike Infrastructure is a Slow but Steady Process

Credit Virginia Alvino / WBOI News

In Fort Wayne and around the globe, more and more people are using bicycles for health and recreation, and even as a mode of transportation.

 The city’s trail system – which allows bikes – has has increased increases in length and popularity in the last decade. But street infrastructure is slowly but surely increasing as well. But how does a more bike-friendly environment come to pass? WBOI’s Virginia Alvino tells us more about how the planning process works, and how projects are chosen.

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8:00 am
Mon June 15, 2015

Cattle Hormones Could Be Worse for Environment Than Previously Thought

Credit Wikimedia Commons

A recent study shows growth hormones used in beef cattle could be worse for the  environment than previously thought.  The new research comes from Indiana University.

Synthetic testosterone is used in the majority of U.S. beef cattle to make cows  bigger.  But when the steroids exit the cows, they can easily be washed into waterways. And once those compounds enter the environment, they can have surprising  reactions - like increasing in potency. 

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6:00 am
Mon June 15, 2015

Rules of the Road Evolve with Infrastructure

Active transportation planner for the City of Fort Wayne Kate Riordan rides in newly painted bike lanes on Main Street.
Credit Virginia Alvino / WBOI News

In Fort Wayne, motorists and cyclists sometimes struggle to share the road – and there are the collisions to prove it. 

In the past five years in Allen County there have been more than 400 collisions between bicycles and motor vehicles, including two fatalities and more than 300 injuries. The number one reason? Failure to yield. And police say both motorists and cyclists are each at fault only about half the time.

The rules of the road are pretty straightforward – share.

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2:55 pm
Thu June 11, 2015

Fort Wayne Dance Collective Announces New Director

John Byrne has been selected to be the next director of the Fort Wayne Dance Collective.
Credit Rocco Di Frassinello

The Fort Wayne Dance Collective announced their new artistic director Wednesday. New York based John Byrne will take on the role starting in September.

He succeeds the organization’s founding member and first director Liz Monnier who will be resigning after 36 years of service.

Byrne is a dancer and choreographer, alumnus of the Juliard School, the School of American Ballet, and North Carolina School of the Arts. His resume includes classical and modern dance, commercial work, and dance education.

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