89.1 WBOI's Ten Buck Tuesday

Aug 16, 2017

Think about what you've spent $10 on in the past month.


Maybe you treated yourself to lunch or saw a new movie out in theaters. What about your subscriptions? Do you have a Netflix account, pay for Spotify, get the newspaper or a magazine? Chances are, you've spent money on one of the above things. Maybe you made the decision with some thought towards your budget, but you decided the purchase was worth it.


We easily spend $10 every month on objects, experiences, conveniences and even other forms of media. Why not pay for public radio?


89.1 WBOI exists to provide for our community - to supply you with content that makes you think harder, feel more, and connect you to others all around the world. But our story can only last as long as our community decides to support it.


Nearly half of our station's funding comes from its listeners. With that said, there truly is strength in numbers. And with every new member we gain, our station grows stronger. 


So, if you are not a current member, consider joining our community during 89.1 WBOI’s Ten Buck Tuesday on August 29th. It only takes $10 a month to give your community the gift of meaningful programming. 


Ten Buck Tuesday is one day only, starting with Morning Edition at 7:00 a.m. and wrapping up with All Things Considered at 7:00 p.m. 


During the hours listed above, you can pledge your support by calling 1-800-471-9264. You may also pledge online anytime by clicking on our donation page. To donate early, click here.


And stay tuned for some very exclusive benefits for our new members (hint: one involves our 2017 NPR speaker, Sarah McCammon). 


Let’s stand together to support thoughtful journalism, discourse and storytelling. Thank you.