ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Comes to Fort Wayne

Aug 27, 2014

The fundraiser and awareness campaign aimed at fighting Lou Gehrig's Disase, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, has come to Fort Wayne Community Schools. 

Haley Elementary watched buckets of ice water dumped on the heads of their teachers and administrators, alongside Mayor Tom Henry. 

A number of schools in the district are joining the thousands of groups and individuals across the country participating and nominating others for the challenge that aims to raise money and awareness of ALS.

Also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS is a neurodegenerative disease that effects the brain and spinal cord.

Gretchen Gerber took the challenge – she’s a special ed teacher for Haley. She lost a close family friend to the disease, and worked with her principal to take the challenge to a bigger level, and educate their students about ALS.

Haley Elementary raised over $400 for the cause.

According to the ALS Association, the organization has received $80 million in donations in just one month.