DCS creates new committees

Nov 27, 2012

A study committee examining the Department of Child Services wants the General Assembly to establish two, more permanent groups to oversee how the DCS and other agencies are handling child welfare issues in the state.  

A report unanimously approved by the study committee Tuesday recommends the creation of a DCS Oversight Committee.  Made up of legislators, judges, attorneys and DCS officials, Markle Republican Senator Travis Holdman said the committee would continue the work of the study committee.

"Specifically, we will deal with looking at the operation of the Department of Child Services and also for implementation and study of issues that we could not resolve in the limited amount of time that we had here," said Holdman.

The recommendations also call for the creation of the Commission on Improving the Status of Children, which Holdman said will help manage the 30 different Indiana boards and agencies that deal with children’s issues.

"We will try to consolidate where we’re able to do that and to take a new look at children in the state of Indiana," said Holdman.

The creation of both committees will require the passage of legislation by the General Assembly next session.