Extended Interview: Pastor Carlton Lynch on Reducing Summertime Violence

Jun 17, 2015

Pastor Carlton Lynch leads New Beginnings Church in Fort Wayne.
Credit Carlton Lynch

The official start of summer is nearly here. And while that usually means the kids  are home, the weather’s warm, and summer activities abound…for many  communities, it also means an uptick in violence.  Fort Wayne is not immune to the problem, either.

Non-fatal shootings in the city  have more than doubled in the last ten years. The issue is getting attention: city leaders have begun talking about it in recent  months with public safety roundtables.  

But Fort Wayne Pastor Carlton Lynch is tackling the issue head on.  

Lynch leads New Beginnings Church, and although he says he didn’t grow up  surrounded by violence, he hopes to make a dent in its prominence. WBOI’s Virginia Alvino invited him to the Madge Rothschild Studios to learn  more about violence in the community, and his summer plans to reduce it.