Fort Wayne Club Explores The Art Of Bonsai

Aug 7, 2017

Credit Karli VanCleave/WBOI News

The Fort Wayne Bonsai Club is preparing to attend the annual Chicago Bonsai Show on August 19th.

As the president of the Bonsai Club for about 25 years, Darlene Kittle says the club’s goal is to teach the art of bonsai. She says this includes pruning the roots, placing the pots, wiring the branches and letting it grow.

“We can turn trees into a thing of beauty in a brief time and that becomes very addictive.”

Every third Saturday in August, the Bonsai Club goes to Chicago for their annual show. Kittle says the show has workshops and about 40 vendors selling their products. She says the show gathers Bonsai Clubs from around the country.

Pat Guido is a member of the Bonsai Club. She says bonsai is great because they live year round.

“If you are a creative person at all, you will love this, and if you like greenery you’ll love it.”

Kittle says her goal is for the club to become a non for profit organization to fund more bonsai education. She says this includes teaching a younger audience and bringing in more experts to speak about bonsai.