Fort Wayne Opens New Waynedale Trail

Jun 1, 2018

Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

The City of Fort Wayne unveiled a new 1.5-mile section of the State Visionary Trail, along Bluffton Road between Lower Huntington Road and West Foster Park.

This section of the trail cost $955,700, and was funded by Regional Cities dollars. Regional Development Authority board chair Andrew Briggs said emphasized the importance of trails and improving quality of life.

“It’s going to connect Quimby Village and the new Clyde Theater, which I’m really looking forward to seeing, and neighborhoods along Bluffton Road,” said Briggs.

The stretch of trail is expected to connect nearly 4,000 residents and 170 businesses. Dave Umber manages a hardware store along the trail that has been in his family for 74 years.

“We constantly need new exposure, new people in Waynedale, good reasons for people to move to Waynedale, and projects like this really help,” Umber said.

There are three more trail projects slated for Regional Cities funding, bringing a total trail investment to $10.3 million.