Fort Wayne Voters Choose Henry, Harper for Mayor's Race

May 5, 2015

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry (Democrat, left) and Councilman Mitch Harper (Republican, right) won their respective primaries Tuesday, and will face each other in the November general election.
Credit Courtesy / Henry for Mayor; Harper for Mayor

The 2015 Fort Wayne general election will feature two longtime public servants at the top of the ticket.

In Tuesday’s municipal primary election for mayor, Democrats overwhelmingly chose incumbent Tom Henry to run for a third term, while Republican voters chose Councilman Mitch Harper by an even wider margin. The two will face each other in November's general election.

Both Harper and Henry had been considered favorites by political watchers, though each had three challengers on the ballot.

As is often the case in primary elections and municipal contests, voter turnout was low again this year, reaching 9.82 percent in Allen County.

Below is a quick look at how Fort Wayne’s general election is starting to shape up after the Tuesday primaries. Note that some of the current candidate vacancies may be filled by the parties. This list also does not include any Libertarian candidates who may run, or candidates who may be running as independents.

Key – Republican candidate (R), Democrat candidate (D), incumbent candidate (i)


-Tom Henry (D)(i)
-Mitch Harper (R)


-Lana Keesling (R)
-Angie Davis (D)

City Council District 1

-Paul Ensley (R)
-(No Democrat Filed)

City Council District 2

-Russ Jehl (R)(i)
-Michelle Merritt (D)

City Council District 3

-Thomas Didier (R)(i)
-(No Democrat Filed)

City Council District 4

-Rusty York (D)
-Jason Arp (R)

City Council District 5

-Geoff Paddock (D)(i)
-(No Republican Filed)

City Council District 6

-Glynn Hines (D)(i)
-Joe Renner (R)

City Council At-Large (Three Seats)

-John Crawford (R)(i)
-Michael Barranda (R)
-Thomas Freistroffer (R)

-Terry Anderson (D)
-Mike Avila (D)
-Michelle Chambers (D)