GOP Poll Shows Hoosiers Want to Vote on Gay Marriage Amendment

Jan 16, 2014

Speaker Brian Bosma says a recent poll commissioned by House and Senate Republicans clearly indicates  that Hoosiers want to have their say at the ballot box on the proposed amendment banning same sex  marriage.  

The House and Senate GOP caucuses commissioned a phone survey of registered voters that took place  last week asking Hoosiers for their view on the same sex marriage ban amendment known as HJR-3.  

53 percent of those surveyed say they support the amendment, contrary to earlier poll numbers put out by  Freedom Indiana, a coalition opposing the measure.  

Speaker Brian Bosma says that wasn’t the number that jumped out to him though. He says “80 percent of Hoosiers want to vote on the issue and that means people on both sides of the issue  would like to have the opportunity to speak on it.”  

But Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane says it was another number that stood out – 54 percent of those  surveyed, when told part of HJR-3 could ban civil unions and domestic partnership benefits, said they  would not support the amendment.

Lanane says "it’s clear the second sentence is a real problem in this amendment and if they’re going to do this, they at  least need to have an amendment which is written correctly.”  

Bosma downplayed the significance of that survey result, reemphasizing that he believes the message  of the poll is that Hoosiers want to weigh in on the question of same sex marriage.