Judge: Fraternity Has Duty To Protect Visitors From Those Previously Accused Of Sexual Assault

Jul 13, 2018

  A district judge’s ruling in a case related to a sexual assault at an Indiana University fraternity house says fraternities have a duty to protect those they invite to parties from members previously accused of committing sexual assault.

The case stems from an assault at IU’s Delta Tau Delta fraternity house. The victim in the case filed a lawsuit against the chapter, claiming it failed to protect her from sexual assault while she was a guest at the fraternity in 2015.

She says John Enochs sexually assaulted her after she attended a party at the house. The lawsuit claims Enochs assaulted another woman in 2013 and the fraternity knew about the allegations.

Enochs originally faced two felony counts of rape stemming from the two assaults, but agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of battery in exchange for the rape charges being dropped. A judge sentenced him to one year of probation.

A judge agreed with the victim, saying the fraternity should have known about the sexual assault allegations and had a duty to protect her.

The order says both parties should meet soon to discuss a possible resolution.