Local Nonprofits Receive $1 Million in Grants

Aug 5, 2014

Credit Foellinger Foundation

Nonprofits in Allen County are receiving more than $1 million thanks to grants awarded by the Foellinger Foundation. The announcement was made Tuesday. 

Forty-seven local nonprofits are being awarded so called Special Opportunity grants to improve infrastructure. The idea is to make already successful organizations more effective and help them meet their missions.

Funds up to $50,000 are going towards everything from computer equipment to tractors, and even theater seats.

Neighborlink Fort Wayne received funds to improve its website, which will soon be able to organize most of their volunteer projects digitally. Executive Director Andrew Hoffman says that could be a game changer.

“It allows us to attract and retain way more volunteers and provide a tool to our communities that they’ve been asking for," says Hoffman. "Administration is the biggest reason why volunteers don’t get involved because they’ve got to jump through hoops and it makes it difficult.”

Hoffman says because of this grant, large volunteer communities like church groups will be able to organize and track their contributions.

Included among the many other recipients of the Foellinger Foundation’s Special Opportunity grants are the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre, Children’s Zoo, Cinema Center, and Northeast Indiana Public Radio.