News-Sentinel Ending Newspaper Distribution

Aug 25, 2017

Credit News-Sentinel

Fort Wayne’s News-Sentinel has announced its intent to transition to a fully digital product. This transition will discontinue the afternoon print edition of the paper.

The News-Sentinel will discontinue the print edition of its daily newspaper and move to what they say will be a more "robust and focused" digital presence. 

In a statement on the News-Sentinel's website, publisher Michael Christman said there aren’t plans to change the direction of coverage, saying that “engaging, thoughtful commentary on the topics that affect Fort Wayne’s citizens has been – and will be – a core part of what we do.”

The joint operating agreement between the News-Sentinel and the Journal Gazette will remain intact, which was first established in 1950 and extends through 2075. 

In addition to being online, content produced by News-Sentinel staff will appear in the pages of the Journal Gazette, with both newsrooms remaining independent of one another. 

Fort Wayne is one of few cities its size to have two daily newspapers. Although there will soon only be one printed daily newspaper, Journal Gazette publisher Julie Inskeep says both publications will maintain their separate voices. 

"I think this is a good solution because we are not diminishing their voice. we're allowing them to move within our pages and diminishing our distribution costs," Inskeep said.  

The change is expected to occur sometime in October.