Pokagon State Park's Fred Wooley Shares the Scoop on Poop

Nov 4, 2014

Fred Wooley, Park Interpeter for Pokagon State Park, believes in making the secrets of nature known in a fun, entertaining way.
Credit Courtesy/Fred Wooley

Sometimes it's good to leave serious news behind and step outside for a moment, but hopefully not step in the things that animals leave behind. 

This conversation is about animal scat, and the man who recently led a fascinating and entertaining tour on the subject for the conservation group, ACRES.

For more than three decades, Fred Wooley has served as park interpreter for Pokagon State Park, and he has more than a few accolades and fans among park visitors.

Always ready to hit the trail, WBOI's Julia Meek invited Wooley to the Madge Rothschild studios, to see just how far off the beaten path he dares to tread.

You can find out more about Pokagon State Park's trails and activities at their website.