Remembering a fallen firefighter, father, and husband

Nov 14, 2012

Twenty-six year old Fort Wayne Firefighter  Mark A. Haudenschild II died on Sunday while responding to a brush fire. 

Surrounded by  members of the Washington Township Fire Department on Wednesday, Janet Haudenschild described her marriage to her late husband, the children they raised together, and the type of man he was.

Janet described her late husband as a man who was caring, compassionate, and loving. Married for over five years, she said that firefighting was something her husband had always wanted to do.

"Putting out that fire, making that story of helping somebody who needed him gave him a sense of accomplishment that he fixed them or got them out of something and that they could go on with their lives," she said tearfully. 

To help keep her children’s memories alive of their father, Janet said she has already started to collect photos and letters to share with them when they are older.

When asked what her favorite memory of her husband was she simply said “as long as we were together, it was my favorite.”