Romney discusses the economy's impact on veterans

Aug 29, 2012

Speaking to a crowd of hundreds of military veterans, Romney spent the majority of his speech talking about issues concerning current and former service members. Romney touched on several issues including defense spending cuts, a backlog of military disability claims and slow economic growth.  Romney said the biggest concern he hears from veterans is jobs.

“They’ve served their country.  They want to get back to work," Romney said. "They need and deserve good jobs.  And this president’s greatest failure is that he’s not delivered those jobs.”

Romney focused heavily on what he called serious problems facing the VA including potential funding cuts.  But the former Massachusetts governor didn’t get into specifics when it came to solutions.

“I’m going to make reform in that agency a personal priority and have already started thinking about things I’d do to make it work better for you,” Romney said.

In a statement, Indiana Democratic Party chair Dan Parker praised President Obama’s record on supporting veterans and criticized Romney and running mate Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, saying it would be harmful to veterans and seniors.  Romney’s appearance also drew a small handful of union protesters outside the convention.