Senate Approves Experimental Drugs for Terminally-Ill

Mar 17, 2015

The Indiana Senate approved a bill Tuesday allowing experimental treatments to be given to some terminally-ill patients.
Credit Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons

Senate lawmakers unanimously approved the Right to Try bill Tuesday that its sponsor says will give “hope to the hopeless.”

The Right to Try bill would allow terminally-ill patients to receive experimental drugs as long as they meet three standards.  

Valparaiso Republican Senator Ed Charbonneau, the bill’s sponsor says, first, the medications must have passed through the first of three phases in the FDA’s approval process.

“Two, the individual has a terminal disease with no comparable treatment options, and three, risk to the individual is no greater than the probable risk from the individual’s disease or condition,” Charbonneau said.

The Senate made two small changes to the bill after it left the House.  The bill’s House sponsor says he plans to ask his caucus to agree to the changes as soon as possible and send the measure to the governor.