Senate Passes Bill Changing Ed Board Appointment Process

Feb 17, 2015

Ind. Sen. Travis Holdman authored Senate Bill 1, which reorganizes how the State Board of Education is appointed.
Credit Courtesy / Indiana Senate Republicans

The Senate passed their version of a bill Tuesday to change how the State Board of Education is constructed.

Senate Bill 1 allows the members of the State Board of Education to select a board chair from within their ranks.

Right now, the state superintendent automatically assumes that position. But the General Assembly has taken it upon itself to change this, following months of strained relations among the board, current superintendent Glenda Ritz and Governor Mike Pence.

The bill would also allow state legislators to appoint some members of the state board, instead of giving all of that authority to the governor, as is tradition.

When asked about the measure, Pence defended his job, as governor, to appoint the full board.

“I am not enthusiastic about proposals that would change my ability to appoint members of the State Board of Education,” Pence said.

The bill now crosses over to the House, which approved a similar measure last week.