Southwest Honey Co. Presents "Explore The Honeybee"

Jul 8, 2017



Kids at the "Explore The Honeybee" observe the live bee hive.
Credit Megan Ryan

Southwest Honey Company pairs with Allen County Public Libraries to bring a hands-on workshop about honeybees.

This summer, children and parents are invited to learn about honeybees at area libraries. This 90 minute workshop is called, “Explore The Honeybee.”

Southwest Honey Company Education Director, Megan Ryan, says she built the curriculum to be interactive and hands-on. The session includes honey tasting, a live honeybee observation hive and the opportunity to try on a beekeepers suit. As the main focus of the program, Ryan says she wants to create a deeper appreciation for honeybees.

“The kids start to realize all these cool things that honeybees do,” Ryan said. “They’re so important but then we talk about the fact that they’re struggling.”

Ryan says the session not only teaches about the honeybee but also their role in the ecosystem and how to help their survival.

“The kids really leave with an appreciation of the honeybee and all that they do for us as humans.” Ryan said.

The next “Explore The Honeybee” class will happen July 10 at the Monroeville Branch at 3:30 p.m.