State Senator Liz Brown Discusses Roads In Town Hall

Nov 7, 2017

Credit Kelty Tappy Design, Inc.

State senator Liz Brown visited Huntertown for a town hall discussion Saturday morning.

2017 saw an increase in road improvement projects throughout Huntertown - a result of the Hoosier State’s goal to improve local infrastructure.

Huntertown residents in attendance discussed the state’s road funding goals at length, primarily how much autonomy their community has over the road funding that gets allocated to them.

Brown says once the current road funding model settles, the Statehouse can look into offering municipalities more freedom with those dollars.

“Down the line, as we get past our initial road funding budget, if there are ways we can support them with new trails and things and allow them to shift their dollars, I think that’s something we can look at in the future,” said Brown.

Huntertown is also growing; two new housing developments are scheduled to begin outside of its city limits, which would require an annexation for the land. Brown says she doesn’t see any problems with an annexation for the two properties.