Treasurer Nomination Up for Grabs as GOP Convention Nears

Jun 2, 2014

Indiana Republican Party Chairman Tim Berry.
Credit File / Tim Berry Campaign

Indiana Republican Party Chair Tim Berry says he hopes his party’s upcoming state convention will show Hoosiers that the GOP can come together and have fun.

There are three statewide positions up for election this fall – Secretary of State, Auditor and Treasurer. 

Democrats had already decided on their three nominees going into the state party convention, and Republicans have incumbents running for Secretary of State and Auditor – Connie Lawson and Suzanne Crouch.  But three candidates are vying for the GOP’s state Treasurer nomination in what’s expected to be a hotly-contested convention fight.

Kelly Mitchell, who works in the Treasurer’s office, is facing off against Marion mayor Wayne Seybold and financial advisor Don Bates.   

GOP Chair Tim Berry says a nomination battle can be positive for the party.

“That will drive a lot of energy towards our convention as well as energy that we hope to be able to harness towards November’s election as well,” Berry said.

There’s also been controversy surrounding language in the party platform regarding same-sex marriage.  The proposed language says marriage between one man and one woman is the foundation of society but that the party also recognizes diverse families.  Berry says there’s clearly diversity of thought in the party.

“But certainly I believe that the party will become unified, not only behind the platform but also behind our nominees,” Berry said.

The convention will be held this weekend in Fort Wayne, the first time Republicans have held their state convention outside of Indianapolis.