Community Cat Program Gets Funding Boost

Jun 15, 2015
Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control

Free-roaming cats are often unowned, unwanted and at risk of being taken to shelters and euthanized, but Fort Wayne’s Community Cat Program aims to protect stray cats. The program’s leaders announced it received new funding this week.

The program, run by Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control, traps stray cats and vaccinates, spays and neuters them. The cats are microchipped, marked with an ear clipping and returned to their communities.

Extra swine precautions at fair

Aug 10, 2012
Keith Weller acquired from USDA ARS

The Monroe County Fair shut down its swine barn Tuesday after concerns about a potential flu outbreak among the animals and some people.  State Board of Animal Health spokesperson Denise Derrer says it’s not just Monroe County that’s prompted action at the State Fair.