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Arts & Culture
4:55 pm
Wed July 29, 2015

Celebrating Arts on the Cutting Edge at the Fort Wayne Fringe Festival

Pyroscope Entertainment's Amy Corey and company will be spinning the fire again at this year's Fringe Fest.
Credit Courtesy: Pyroscope Entertainment

If you're seeking the very center of cutting edge arts performance this summer, your best bet is to head to the Fringe.

That's the 2015 Fort Wayne Fringe Festival to be exact, a week-long celebration of innovative talent that crosses all types of boundaries, hosted by Wunderkammer Company.

Festival coordinator Maddie Miller says this year's eclectic, multi-genre line-up offers something for everyone, and attendees need only be ready to expect the unexpected.

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Arts & Culture
4:54 pm
Fri July 24, 2015

Extended Interview: Foster Park, Fort Wayne's "People's Park"

A peek through the gazebo and into Foster Park's popular Bridal Glen.
Credit Courtesy/Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation

Colonel David Foster's strong belief in the importance of a city park network here in Fort Wayne earned him the title "Father of the Park System" back in the early 20th century.

And the space bearing his name, Foster Park, continues to be among the brightest stars among the 86 public municipal parks residents enjoy today.

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Arts & Culture
2:23 pm
Wed July 22, 2015

"Mary Poppins" Comes Alive Onstage at Fort Wayne Civic Theatre

Director Jane Lanier checking last minute details onstage with Mary Poppins herself, played by Halee Shutt, and the Banks children.
Credit Courtesy / Fort Wayne Civic Theatre

P.L. Travers' iconic English nanny, Mary Poppins, has been delighting audiences through the printed word, film and theater since 1934.

Now, thanks to director Jane Lanier, this classic musical is coming alive at the Fort Wayne Civic Theatre stage, ready to capture hearts in a whole new way. 

In a word? Well, you's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

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Arts & Culture
3:17 pm
Wed July 15, 2015

Three Rivers Film Festival Showcases Area Talent

Film Festival coordinator, Todd Grimes sees Fort Wayne's "film community" growing daily, and believes it's a great asset to the city.
Credit Courtesy/Todd Grimes

Thanks to PBS39 and Cinema Center, the spotlight is on amateur film and video makers Wednesday with the 5th annual Three Rivers Film Festival.

The 15 short films in this screening represent animation, drama, comedy and music video genres -- providing what event coordinator Todd Grimes calls "great exposure to a variety of different styles and artistic direction."

For a peek "behind the screen," WBOI's Julia Meek met with Grimes and one of the featured animators, Sarah Jones. 

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Arts & Culture
4:47 pm
Fri July 10, 2015

Fort Wayne Author Continues to Weave the Tale of Lady Darby

Author Anna Lee Huber toured Scotland in preparation for writing her Lady Darby mysteries.
Credit Courtesy/Anna Lee Huber

Fort Wayne based author Anna Lee Huber published her first novel, a period mystery set in Scotland during the 1830s, a little less than three years ago.

Since then, Huber's unconventional protagonist, Kiera Darby, has continued to ply her detective skills, and is acquiring quite a national and international following.

After three successful outings with her lead character, Huber is launching the fourth book in the "Lady Darby Mystery Series" this Saturday.

Earlier this week, WBOI's Julia Meek met with the author to uncover the mystery of her literary success.

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Arts & Culture
6:00 am
Fri July 10, 2015

"Invisible College" Exhibit Brings the Streets Indoors

Los Angeles-based artist Mark Dean Veca paints a mural for Fort Wayne Museum of Art's new exhibit "Invisible College."
Credit Virginia Alvino / WBOI News

New Contemporary Art encompasses a lot of different styles. What they all share is they’ve been developed largely outside of traditional, institutional contexts.

But a new exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art is blurring those lines - bringing traditional public and street art inside its walls.  “Invisible College” includes pieces from all over the world, and five original murals painted right inside the museum.

The project is in partnership with The Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles.

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Arts & Culture
4:50 pm
Wed July 8, 2015

Garrett Museum of Art Adds Color to the Region's Cultural Scene

Garrett Museum of Art director, Jim Gabbard, on the far left, enjoys chatting with patrons at a recent exhibition.
Credit courtesy/Garrett Museum of Art

If you're looking to explore new artistic vistas this summer, you don't need to look very far.

In fact, a quiet community not twenty miles north of Fort Wayne, in DeKalb county, is home to one of northeast Indiana's best kept "artful secrets."

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Arts & Culture
1:32 pm
Fri July 3, 2015

Museum's Third "Summer of Glass" Brings Sculpture to Light

Museum visitors experience three different exhibitions as part of this year's "Summer of Glass."
Credit Courtesy / FWMoA

As far as Charles Shepard is concerned, glass sculpture is due for its big day in the museum world.

That’s why the organization he runs – the Fort Wayne Museum of Art – is holding its latest “Summer of Glass” show.

While Shepard says many museums see the medium as more of a craft than an art, he also believes it’s set to break through on the museum circuit.

But until it does, he’s happy to showcase some of the world’s best studio glass right here in Fort Wayne.

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Arts & Culture
3:04 pm
Fri June 26, 2015

Picturing Life: An Interview with Fort Wayne Painter Tom Kelly

Fort Wayne artist Tom Kelly at work on an oil painting in his home studio.
Credit Tom Kelly

Award-winning Fort Wayne artist Tom Kelly has been cultivating his unique painting style over the course of a lifetime.

Kelly is a familiar name in town, not only for his art, but also as the CEO of Kelly Box and Packaging

Still, he often prefers to fly under the radar. But he's about to step into the limelight with a show at Artworks: The Galleria of Fine Art that begins this weekend.

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Arts & Culture
12:17 pm
Fri June 19, 2015

Wrestling with Passion: An Interview with Mick Foley

Wrestling legend Mick Foley engages audiences around the world with his one man show, sharing stories from his colorful past.
Credit Courtesy / Mick Foley

You may not be familiar with the name Mick Foley. But maybe you should be.

Foley is perhaps best known as one of the superstars who launched World Wrestling Entertainment into its most recent surge in popularity. Among fans, his marquee matches are considered among the most exciting in the history of the business, due to his incredible toughness in the ring.

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