Environmental Standards

New EPA Rules Mean Changes for Indiana Power Plants

Aug 6, 2015
Daniel X. O'Neil (Flickr)

Indiana must reduce the carbon dioxide its power plants emit by about a third in the next fifteen years.

The mandate comes as part of new Environmental Protection Agency rules President Obama announced this week. The rules require each state to put together a plan on how it will reach the new EPA goals.

The sound of dump trucks and 80-foot cranes moving steel beams fills a small, windy county road outside of Martinsville. The construction means there will soon be not one but two large power plants standing side by side.

The Senate Environmental Affairs chairman halted the progress of a bill aimed at handcuffing state  regulators from enacting environmental standards stricter than the federal government’s. 

Legislation authored by Warsaw Republican Representative David Wolkins would bar the Indiana  Department of Environmental Management from enacting standards more stringent than those created  by the federal Environmental Protection Agency. Wolkins says he’s trying to ensure state regulators  seek legislative approval before creating stricter rules.