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Red River Waste Solutions

Fort Wayne residents will soon pay about two dollars more for trash collection. City Council approved a contract with a new garbage and recycling business Tuesday night, following more than two decades of partnering with Republic.

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A Fort Wayne City Council meeting was cancelled this week, as a controversial measure looms ahead of council members for a vote.

Elevatus Architecture

As Fort Wayne’s riverfront development project begins construction this summer, the city is looking to fill some long-term funding holes in the project. A new proposal in City Council to help fund the project would increase the local income tax.

Fort Wayne City Council President Russ Jehl was named the deputy district director for newly elected Congressman Jim Banks. Jehl will stay in Fort Wayne, and he says his role will be to talk to the Republican congressman’s constituents in Indiana’s third district.

“That will mean a lot of outreach,” Jehl said. “Everything from walking factories to walking farms.”

Jehl was Banks’ political director during his congressional campaign. Jehl will continue serving as a city council member and president.

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A proposal in Fort Wayne City Council wanting to change a state ordinance prohibiting guns in city parks passed Tuesday night with a 6-3 vote.

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A proposal to eliminate the business personal property tax went before the Fort Wayne City Council for vote Tuesday night.

City of Fort Wayne

A new resolution in the Fort Wayne City Council seeks to eliminate the business personal property tax on new equipment, and the proposal has local school districts and taxing units concerned.

Opinion: Economic Development that Is Worth It

Aug 25, 2016
Andrew Downs / Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne

Businesses in Indiana pay a property tax on non-real estate items owned by the business.  These include things like manufacturing equipment and tools.  In many cases the businesses apply for, and are given, tax abatement on new equipment.  This abatement is a tool used by communities to encourage economic development.

Greater Fort Wayne Inc.

Greater Fort Wayne Inc. is in a political tug-of-war between state and local officials over its plans for lobbying.

Northeast Indiana officials are raising eyebrows over Greater Fort Wayne Inc.’s lobbying agenda, which includes advocacy for income and sales tax increases.

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Community leaders gathered at the Grand Wayne Center in downtown Fort Wayne on Monday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s mission and legacy.