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Opinion: The Ethics of Accountability at IPFW

Nov 4, 2016

Jeff Gruettert is one of my favorite students from my time at IPFW. He’s good-natured, curious, smart, and hard-working. He minored in Professional and Applied Ethics, and as part of the course work, interned at 3BG—a small business in downtown Fort Wayne. Since graduation, he has worked at 3BG as Operations Manager and was even given company equity, which is rare in the small business community.

Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership

As of Tuesday, IPFW’s Philosophy, Women’s Studies, French, and German individual degree programs are suspended. Additionally, eight majors within other departments, six stand-alone teaching programs, and four graduate programs are also suspended. 

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This month, WBOI is reporting on teen mental health issues. When people think about teens, they often think of middle and high school students and sometimes  forget about teens transitioning into college.

Claire McInerny

Commissioner for Higher Education Teresa Lubbers delivered the fourth annual State of Higher Education Address Wednesday, highlighting the goals for the Commission for the next year.

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A report released Friday by the Legislative Services Agency proposes that Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne become a Purdue campus. But there are many unanswered questions that have students and faculty concerned.