The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development gave the East Chicago Housing Authority $4 million Thursday to tear down a lead contaminated public housing complex.

The West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago, Indiana is the most contaminated section of a federal toxic waste cleanup site. Last spring, the city forced about a thousand residents to move out of the complex, a process that took nearly a year.


Ten nonprofit organizations aiding low- to moderate-income Fort Wayne residents are getting their share of $360,000 from the federal government. The funding comes from the City’s Community Development Block Grant -- or CDBG -- dollars.

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In just a few weeks, the City of Fort Wayne will begin its formal process in launching Housing and Urban Development projects for 2016. Before these begin, the city has to submit an annual performance report on past projects to the federal government, which will serve as a basis for future funding.

City of Fort Wayne

Every five years, cities around the country receive funding from the federal government to invest in long-term improvement projects in their neighborhoods. Fort Wayne was one of the cities that received Housing and Urban Development – or, HUD – dollars this year, and plans for the money were recently unveiled.

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One previously homeless Fort Wayne family of four is able to call a home their  own. They’re paying an income-based rent on a new house built on the Vincent Village  campus.

The property was officially dedicated Thursday. 

Vincent Village owns and rents 33 properties to provide affordable housing for low  income residents.