Tuesday’s rollout of ISTEP+ scores showed school districts across the state with fewer "As" than last year, and more “Bs” and “Cs.”


Legislation was passed and signed into law last month offering a reprieve to school districts who saw a decline in their ISTEP+ scores from the previous year. Some local school officials believe the reprieve could go farther.

Department Of Education Praises State Senate

Jan 4, 2016

The Department of Education is praising efforts in Indiana’s Senate to address school accountability this session, following a rocky year for the state’s standardized testing system.


Indiana’s ISTEP+ test has been riddled with controversy in recent years for its administration, increased difficulty, and lack of transparency.

Legislature Approves Measure Shortening ISTEP+

Feb 23, 2015

After outrage from parents and educators that this year’s ISTEP+ assessment would take students a total of twelve hours, the General Assembly took the reigns to shorten the length of the test. Both the House and Senate approved the legislation Monday.

By passing Senate Bill 62, the legislature gives the Department of Education permission to eliminate the Social Studies portion of the ISTEP exam for fifth and seventh graders this year.