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I have watched from a distance since Aurelia was born. My friend Megan’s third daughter demonstrated developmental delays from early on, and no one was sure why. Appointment after appointment, and yet Megan and her husband, Keith, were given no diagnosis. The good parents that they are, they simply loved and cared for their youngest child.

As February Wraps Up, A Legislative Milestone Passes

Feb 25, 2015
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The week of February 23rd includes a legislative milestone for the current session of the Indiana General Assembly.  This was the week when bills had to move from one chamber to the other.  Theoretically, if a bill failed to be voted out of the chamber of origin, it is not possible for that bill to become law.  In other words, those bills are dead.  (Click here to see how a bill becomes a law in Indiana.) 

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It’s a surprising thing that Mississippi and West Virginia are the two states with the highest vaccination rates. Less surprising: this fact is attributed to a simple policy—these states do not allow religious or personal exemptions from the policies requiring vaccinations.

A Primer on the Education Session

Feb 6, 2015
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This is a long session of the Indiana General Assembly, which means legislators are crafting the two-year budget for the state.  As I have written before, this is the issue that will dominate the session and the only thing they must get done, but there will be other issues that get discussed. 

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If you ever have your child’s blood tested for an allergy, there’s a chance it will be the allergen-specific IgE antibody test. This test’s results appear pretty straightforward.

For example, a score higher than 0.35 for peanuts is indicative of an allergy. When they gave my son such a test in 2010, his score was about 100 times this minimum threshold.

The Failure to Police Medical Professionals

Dec 17, 2014
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The method that caught my eye immediately was “rectal feeding."

I’d never heard this term before, but I thought I could guess what it involved. In one instance it involved pureeing hummus, pasta with sauce, nuts and raisins that were then rectally infused into a detainee. Just one of many techniques, this procedure makes clear the role that professional medical practitioners played in enabling this sexual assault of persons suspected of terrorist activity.

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Election Day was November 4th and the members of the Indiana General Assembly got together on November 18th for Organization Day.  Organization Day is the third Tuesday following the first Monday in November.  This is the day that legislators take their oaths of office and in the days after that, the leaders announce committee assignments and who would be chairing those committees. 

Obamacare, Net Neutrality, and "Whac-a-Mole" Regulation

Nov 19, 2014
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Senator Ted Cruz made news last week when he responded to President Obama’s call for Net Neutrality with a tweet claiming that Net Neutrality is Obamacare for the Internet.

Cruz’s tweet has been criticized by Al Franken among others.

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In the past month, you may have heard or read the StateImpact story about the Indiana House Republican Caucus’ legislative priorities for the upcoming session.  One of the items that caught people’s attention was that the Republican Caucus wants to “fix” the K-12 school funding formula by reducing the gap between the highest and lowest funded districts.   According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, the highest funded district receives more than $9,500 per student and the lowest receives approximately $5,500.

Going Gently into that Good Night

Oct 17, 2014
Abraham Schwab

Brittany Maynard recently announced her decision to end her life. By all accounts she’s an articulate bright young woman who is afflicted with an aggressive brain tumor. Her prognosis includes prolonged suffering and a loss of control. In part because of how vocal she’s been and in part because she is young and looks so vibrant, she has brought national attention back to the question of physician assisted suicide (PAS).