Going Gently into that Good Night

Oct 17, 2014
Abraham Schwab

Brittany Maynard recently announced her decision to end her life. By all accounts she’s an articulate bright young woman who is afflicted with an aggressive brain tumor. Her prognosis includes prolonged suffering and a loss of control. In part because of how vocal she’s been and in part because she is young and looks so vibrant, she has brought national attention back to the question of physician assisted suicide (PAS).

Courtesy / Andrew Downs

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, many states added elements of direct democracy that enabled voters to have a direct say in what might become law, how public money would be spent, and recalling elected officials from office. 

Indiana did not add many of these elements which is why many voters may not be able to remember ever actually voting on anything like these. 

Remembering Your Right of Refusal

Sep 17, 2014
Courtesy / Abraham Schwab

Let’s say that your father, mother, grandmother, sister, or other family member is admitted to the hospital. Given their poor and slowly deteriorating health, this admission comes as no surprise. Your loved one makes it through the event and is now ready to be discharged from the hospital.

Where should they go?

The answer we all would like to give: the place that best fits their medical and personal needs.

The Business of Ebola

Aug 13, 2014
Abraham Schwab

As we all know, two individuals infected with Ebola now reside in Atlanta, Georgia. After they were identified as infected, they were flown to Atlanta in a special containment plane and then taken to a containment unit at Emory University.

Once at Emory they received an experimental serum, ZMapp, which, in animals, has been effective in eradicating the disease in individuals.

Adam Garland / for WBOI News

What defines a good night out for you? For me, it’s great friends, fantastic food, and more recently, a preciously crafted cocktail.

Historically, the last in this list has been difficult to find in our region. Fort Wayne was a city of banal concoctions—Jack ‘n Coke, Vodka n’ anything, and premixed martinis and margaritas dominate the bar scene. Enter the age of the craft cocktail.

How Regulation Can Build Community

Jul 30, 2014
Courtesy / Andrew Downs

Bloomington, Ind., recently adopted an ordinance that requires all chain businesses to meet a visual standard.  The visual standard means that chain businesses such as restaurants and retail outlets most likely will not be able to build their usual buildings or modify buildings to look like their usual buildings.  Instead, the businesses will have to complement the architecture, façade, scale, and signage of their neighbors.  The ordinance applies only to downtown and an area west of the Indiana University campus. 

Courtesy / Abraham Schwab

Every once in a while I wonder if I’ve just been part of a research study that didn’t require consent. Now I know this is a trick of the mind—I know about so many such studies that I’m ready to think I might be involved in one.

Summer Sizzle: The Fort's Best Burgers

Jul 10, 2014
Amber Recker / for WBOI News

Nothing says summer like a big, juicy burger. So in honor of this warm-weather staple, I set out to find the Fort’s best.

After a heated debate on various social media networks and tallying over one hundred votes, the top six restaurants emerged.

They Gathered in Indy to Talk About What?

Jun 26, 2014
Courtesy / Andrew Downs

A recent episode of WBOI Presents featured IPFW historian Jeffrey Malanson and political scientist Mike Wolf discussing the two ways the United States Constitution can be amended according to Article V.  One of the methods has been used 27 times.  The other has never been used. 

"Respecting Choices" in Northeast Indiana

Jun 19, 2014
Courtesy / HBO

It’s an absurd question when you mull it over. It’s mildly rude, it’s unusual, and it’s disturbing to contemplate. It can be a threat or it can signal sympathy. So let me ask you: how would you like to die?

Even the sardonic Tyrion Lannister, from the epic and brutal Game of Thrones on HBO, wants familiar comfort (click the image to see what he has to say).