State Fair

Indiana State Fair officials say allowing alcohol sales at the annual Fair gives customers what they want,  helps the Fair broaden its agricultural showcase and could generate more revenue. 

Alcohol is sold at the State Fairgrounds 348 days out of the year – with the only exception being during  the State Fair itself, which has been dry since 1946. Legislation proposed by Indianapolis Republican  Senator Jim Merritt –who’s a member of the State Fair Commission – would repeal that prohibition.

A year and a half after the Indiana State Fair stage collapse, state lawmakers are ready to enact permanent rules aimed at preventing future tragedies at outdoor events.

Last session, the General Assembly gave emergency rule-making power to the state Fire Marshal and Department of Homeland Security to develop temporary regulations for outdoor event and stage equipment. 

This session, the legislature is prepared to make those rules permanent. 

Panel meets to discuss stage collapse compensation

Sep 12, 2012
Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

A panel met Tuesday to discuss whether the state’s formula for compensating State Fair stage collapse victims was fair, and the results could serve as a guide for responding to future tragedies.

Extra swine precautions at fair

Aug 10, 2012
Keith Weller acquired from USDA ARS

The Monroe County Fair shut down its swine barn Tuesday after concerns about a potential flu outbreak among the animals and some people.  State Board of Animal Health spokesperson Denise Derrer says it’s not just Monroe County that’s prompted action at the State Fair.