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9:44 am
Fri October 17, 2014

Going Gently into that Good Night

IPFW Associate Professor and medical ethicist Abraham Schwab.
Credit Abraham Schwab

Brittany Maynard recently announced her decision to end her life. By all accounts she’s an articulate bright young woman who is afflicted with an aggressive brain tumor. Her prognosis includes prolonged suffering and a loss of control. In part because of how vocal she’s been and in part because she is young and looks so vibrant, she has brought national attention back to the question of physician assisted suicide (PAS).

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4:43 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

Allen County Clears Way for Potential GM Investment

Credit General Motors

Allen County Council cleared the way Wednesday for General Motors to make a $1 billion investment in its Fort Wayne plant. Now it’s up to GM to decide whether or not to go forward with the plan. 

The Council unanimously approved a 10-year tax abatement for GM. That means a tax rate of zero percent, for ten years, on the company’s new property and equipment.

According to the county auditor Tera Klutz, that could save GM more than $95 million.

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5:09 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

Indiana Michigan Power Proposes Big Infrastructure Upgrades

Credit Indiana Michigan Power

Indiana Michigan Power wants to invest nearly $800 million in its Indiana infrastructure. 

I&M is seeking approval for its investments from the Indiana Regulatory Commission. The company wants to increase the reliability of power to its customers by making improvements over a period of seven years.

That includes replacing cables and poles, some technology upgrades, and creating new substations throughout the state, including two in Fort Wayne.

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4:55 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

Validity of Some Same Sex Marriages in Question

The Indiana Attorney General’s office is warning same sex couples who got married in a narrow window in June that their marriages may not be valid. The Attorney General's office sent a memo to county clerks Monday regarding the validity of marriage licenses. 

On June 25th, U-S District Court Judge Richard Young ruled Indiana’s gay marriage ban unconstitutional, and didn’t stay the effects of his ruling. Two days later, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals did halt the ruling. 

And in those two days, hundreds of same sex couples across the state got marriage licenses.

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Fright Night
4:07 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers Bring New Paranormal Activity to Fright Night 2014

The Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers are hosting two events this Saturday, in celebration of Fort Wayne's Fright Night.
Credit Courtesy / Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers

You'd better beware! Fright Night is lurking on Fort Wayne’s horizon, and this year, the Fort Wayne Shadow Chasers are conjuring up a spooktacular pair of events to add to the annual fun.

Tina Lano, Jackie Hicks and Cheryl Ferguson – the organization's founding “ParaSisters” – will start at the Grand Wayne Center with their monthly Paranormal Pow Wow.

Then, at sundown, they’ll conduct tours of the “Haunted Wells Street Corridor” just north of the historic Wells Street Bridge.

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3:52 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

Bosma Aims to "Take a Breath" on Tax Reform Next Session

House Speaker Brian Bosma says after years of major tax cuts and reforms, it’s time for the General Assembly to, in his words, “take a breath.”

Speaker Bosma says the legislature has enacted 15 tax cuts over the last 14 years, including property  tax caps, reductions in the corporate and individual income taxes and elimination of the inheritance tax.  

Bosma says he thinks it’s time to let the system settle and allow people to get accustomed to the state’s  existing tax climate.

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3:46 pm
Wed October 15, 2014

State Board of Education Delays Release of Schools' A-F Grades

Despite expectations, Indiana A-F accountability grades will not be  made public this month. The State Board of Education planned to release the grades  during their meeting Wednesday, but board members voted instead to hold off until  their next meeting in November.

Prior to discussing release of the grades, the board heard from five schools that wanted to appeal their 2014 A-F scores.  

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Station News
11:33 am
Wed October 15, 2014

89.1 WBOI at Reduced Power this Afternoon Due to Tower Maintenance

Due to tower maintenance, 89.1 WBOI will be operating at reduced power at some point this afternoon.  We anticipate to be at reduced power for no longer than an hour.  Thank you for your patience, and remember you can always listen online at wboi.org.  

6:23 pm
Tue October 14, 2014

Ethics Rules Reform Top House GOP's Legislative Agenda

House Speaker Brian Bosma.
Credit Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

House Speaker Brian Bosma says reforming the General Assembly’s ethics rules will be a key part of his party’s agenda in the upcoming legislative session. Bosma says he wants to make it a bipartisan effort.

The legislature’s ethics rules have come under increased scrutiny this year after GOP Representative Eric Turner allegedly lobbied against a nursing home industry bill, an effort which netted him and his family millions of dollars. 

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Health & Science
3:00 pm
Sat October 11, 2014

Weekly Experiment - What are Wind Instruments?

In this week's episode of The Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from from Science Central talks about wind instruments.  What are they, and what are they used for? 

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