Dan Coats

Interview: U.S. Senator Dan Coats, Part One

Earlier this week, Republican Sen. Dan Coats stopped by the WBOI Studios to talk about some of the big issues Congress needs to address once members return from their August recess. In the first half of a two-part interview, WBOI’s Katy Anderson asked Sen. Coats about his thoughts on the Iran nuclear deal and the fight against the Islamic State. Tomorrow during Morning Edition and All Things Considered, 89.1 WBOI will feature the second half of our interview with the senator. He’ll discuss...
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Abhijitsathe. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

Fort Wayne Riverfront Development Could Include Environmental Center

Environmental stewardship. It’s a phrase that many people wouldn’t be able to define, but an IPFW professor wants to bring it to Fort Wayne. Area groups are trying to build an environmental stewardship facility in Fort Wayne. But what exactly is “environmental stewardship?”
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Summer Vacation Series

Myrabella, creative commons

Study Abroad Trip Focuses On Italian Culinary Traditions

Throughout this week, WBOI has been featuring stories from area teachers that look at how they spent their time away from the classrooms in a series called My Summer Vacation. Linda Lolkus is an associate professor of foods and nutrition at the Health and Human Services Department at IPFW. While many educators use the summer to take a break from teaching, Linda spent part of her summer instructing a study abroad course in Italy.
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Mike Fritsch

What do you get when you combine ping pong, tennis and badminton? It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but it’s actually a sport called pickleball.

Pickleball players and fans will be in Fort Wayne this weekend for a regional tournament, and it will have an economic impact on the city.

It’s the second time Fort Wayne has hosted the regional pickleball tournament. One of the tournament directors, Mike Fritsch, says the event will bring in a variety of players at different skill and age levels.

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

Fort Wayne is one of two Indiana cities that made the list for top cities to do business. It ranked 6 out of 10 on Business Review USA’s list.

The article cites Indiana’s low taxes and unemployment rates as reasons Fort Wayne and Evansville are two of the top 10 cities to do business.

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry says the city will use this recognition to attract more businesses.

“We’re going to use that to let a lot of potential employers know and visitors know that the city of Fort Wayne continues to grow and continues to have real positive momentum,” Henry said.

Judge Says Lawmakers Not Required To Release Emails

Aug 12, 2015
Indiana House Republicans

A Marion County judge says the House Republican caucus doesn’t have to make lawmaker emails public under Indiana’s open records law.

Citizen advocacy groups and an energy institute filed a lawsuit against the House GOP caucus and Bedford Rep. Eric Koch in April after the caucus refused to hand over Koch’s emails involving a solar energy bill.

The ADA affects employment discrimination, physical access and equality for people with disabilities. But there are some issues that aren’t covered in the ADA.

Most of those issues are covered in other laws. The president of Fort Wayne’s League for the Blind and Disabled, David Nelson, says the laws were passed at different times, creating a patchwork of civil rights coverage. One of those issues is education.

Indiana Tax Revenue Lower Than Expected

Aug 10, 2015

Indiana is beginning its fiscal year with tax collections that failed to meet expectations by a narrow margin. That’s not good news for business owners hoping the state will help them avoid a major tax penalty next year.

Indiana revenues came in just six million dollars off the mark in July, less than one percent off target. Individual income tax revenues performed better than expected, while sales tax collections came in slightly below target.

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

Up until the 1950s, Kendallville was home to a windmill production company. They made their last windmill over sixty years ago, but the city keeps that legacy alive by having one of the only windmill museums in the country.

There, you can find windmills from different centuries and places all across the country, and the museum wants to add even more. But the museum first needs to raise money to keep its current exhibitions running.

Before touring the Mid-America Windmill Museum’s 53 windmills, guests are invited to watch a movie to learn more about the science of wind.

In this episode of The Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central explores plastic.  What is this material, what's unique about its molecules, and what are the types of plastic? 

New EPA Rules Mean Changes for Indiana Power Plants

Aug 6, 2015
Daniel X. O'Neil (Flickr)

Indiana must reduce the carbon dioxide its power plants emit by about a third in the next fifteen years.

The mandate comes as part of new Environmental Protection Agency rules President Obama announced this week. The rules require each state to put together a plan on how it will reach the new EPA goals.

The sound of dump trucks and 80-foot cranes moving steel beams fills a small, windy county road outside of Martinsville. The construction means there will soon be not one but two large power plants standing side by side.

Problems With ISTEP Test Delays Results

Aug 6, 2015

After informing the Department of Education this week that there are issues with scoring this year’s ISTEP test, the president of testing company CTB spoke during Wednesday’s State Board of Education meeting.

The scoring issues will mean a delay in receiving student scores and school accountability grades.

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

As part of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, WBOI has been looking at how accessible Fort Wayne is for people with disabilities.

About one in five people have disabilities in the U.S. That number includes people who are hearing impaired, but not everyone in the deaf community sees it as a disability.

Technology can break down communication barriers for people who are hearing impaired and help provide more equality for everyone.


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