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Health & Science
3:00 pm
Sat July 11, 2015

Weekly Experiment - Seismograph

In this episode of The Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central explores the tools used by geologists to measure and record earthquakes.  How were they invented, how do they work, and what are the different types? 

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Arts & Culture
4:47 pm
Fri July 10, 2015

Fort Wayne Author Continues to Weave the Tale of Lady Darby

Author Anna Lee Huber toured Scotland in preparation for writing her Lady Darby mysteries.
Credit Courtesy/Anna Lee Huber

Fort Wayne based author Anna Lee Huber published her first novel, a period mystery set in Scotland during the 1830s, a little less than three years ago.

Since then, Huber's unconventional protagonist, Kiera Darby, has continued to ply her detective skills, and is acquiring quite a national and international following.

After three successful outings with her lead character, Huber is launching the fourth book in the "Lady Darby Mystery Series" this Saturday.

Earlier this week, WBOI's Julia Meek met with the author to uncover the mystery of her literary success.

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Politics & Government
2:59 pm
Fri July 10, 2015

Nation's Lieutenant Governors Gather in Indianapolis

Indiana Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann says the National LG Conference is a chance to share ideas with colleagues of different political stripes.
Credit Courtesy / State of Indiana

Lieutenant governors from around the country descended on Indiana this week for a national conference.  Indiana Lieutenant Governor Sue Ellspermann says the event can be a valuable tool to share best practices and even prepare for higher office.

Ellspermann says the National Lieutenant Governors Association was the first conference she attended after taking office. 

She says its annual meetings are an important opportunity to meet with a strong group of bipartisan colleagues, sharing ideas and promoting causes.

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Arts & Culture
6:00 am
Fri July 10, 2015

"Invisible College" Exhibit Brings the Streets Indoors

Los Angeles-based artist Mark Dean Veca paints a mural for Fort Wayne Museum of Art's new exhibit "Invisible College."
Credit Virginia Alvino / WBOI News

New Contemporary Art encompasses a lot of different styles. What they all share is they’ve been developed largely outside of traditional, institutional contexts.

But a new exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art is blurring those lines - bringing traditional public and street art inside its walls.  “Invisible College” includes pieces from all over the world, and five original murals painted right inside the museum.

The project is in partnership with The Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles.

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Health Care
4:22 pm
Thu July 9, 2015

Six Months After Start, Groups Applaud HIP 2.0 Rollout

Credit Courtesy / State of Indiana

It’s been nearly six months since HIP 2.0 was approved, and the state has enrolled nearly 300,000 Hoosiers in the health insurance program.  More than a dozen health care advocacy groups and insurers sang the praises of the program at a public forum Thursday.

As of July 1st, a little more than 289,000 residents have signed up for health care coverage through HIP 2.0.  186 thousand of them never had health insurance before.  And 70 percent of enrollees are using HIP Plus, which requires contributions to a health savings account. 

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3:23 pm
Thu July 9, 2015

Heroin Use Spikes in Indiana and Around the Country

Authorities say some of the blame for the recent jump in heroin use rests on the rise of painkiller prescriptions in the U.S.
Credit Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons

The face of heroin use is changing, and the number of people using the drug is soaring, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control.

The report hits hard in Indiana, where several parts of the state have witnessed an increasing number of heroin-related overdoses.

The CDC’s report shows a jump in heroin use among most demographic groups, and it reveals a 286 percent increase in heroin overdose deaths in just over a decade.

As prescription drugs become more difficult to get, more drug users have turned to heroin, which is cheaper and easier to find.

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Politics & Government
5:01 pm
Wed July 8, 2015

Indy's Church of Cannabis Will Use RFRA in Lawsuit

Indiana’s highly-publicized First Church of Cannabis is going to court, hoping to stop the state from enforcing marijuana laws when it comes to the use of cannabis in its church services.  The church’s attorney will use the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act or RFRA to help his case.

RFRA creates a legal standard that says government must have a compelling reason to restrict someone’s religious practice and do so in the least burdensome way possible. 

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Arts & Culture
4:50 pm
Wed July 8, 2015

Garrett Museum of Art Adds Color to the Region's Cultural Scene

Garrett Museum of Art director, Jim Gabbard, on the far left, enjoys chatting with patrons at a recent exhibition.
Credit courtesy/Garrett Museum of Art

If you're looking to explore new artistic vistas this summer, you don't need to look very far.

In fact, a quiet community not twenty miles north of Fort Wayne, in DeKalb county, is home to one of northeast Indiana's best kept "artful secrets."

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5:28 pm
Tue July 7, 2015

Police Raid Home of Longtime Subway Spokesman

Subway spokesman Jared Fogle's home in Zionsville, Ind., was raided by state and federal investigators Tuesday.
Credit Gretchen Frazee / WFIU News

State and federal authorities Tuesday raided the suburban Indianapolis home of Subway sandwich icon Jared Fogle. The action comes after the head of Fogle’s foundation was arrested on child pornography charges.

Indiana State Police and federal authorities were at Fogle’s Zionsville home early Thursday. Fogle is known for losing more than 200 pounds on a Subway sandwich diet and then becoming a corporate pitchman.

A local Justice Department spokesman says Fogle has not been arrested or charged with a crime.

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Politics & Government
5:41 pm
Mon July 6, 2015

Indiana Joins Lawsuit Challenging EPA Water Rule

Attorney General Greg Zoeller says the EPA's new water rules intrude on state sovereignty.
Credit Courtesy / Office of the Attorney General

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller says the Hoosier State will join a lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s new water rule.  Zoeller says he’s concerned about the potential cost to the state’s agricultural industry.

The EPA recently finalized a rule broadening the definition of “waters of the United States” – that is, which bodies of water fall under federal regulation.  The term would now include small bodies of water, including streams, ponds, and drainage ditches.  Regulating those types of small waterways has always been left up to the states. 

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