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Turkey Cost Increase Drives Up Thanksgiving Meal

You can expect your Thanksgiving dinner to be a bit more expensive this year. The retail price of a sixteen pound turkey went up by over four dollars since last year according to an annual survey by the Indiana Farm Bureau.
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Arts & Culture

Courtesy/Bryan Ballinger

For Huntington Artist, Life's A Gas

Huntington author and Digital Media Arts Professor, Bryan Ballinger has an affinity for the absurd, as his newest children's book, Animal Gas proves.
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NorthEATS Indiana

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

Holidays Mean Hunger For Some In Northeast Indiana

Normally on NorthEATS Indiana, we report on the variety of restaurants, farms, and other food businesses in our region. This week, we’re focusing on the lack of food. In Northeast Indiana, one in seven people don’t know where their next meal is coming from.
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Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

Democratic Mayor Tom Henry won Tuesday’s race for Fort Wayne mayor, becoming the first democratic mayor to win three consecutive terms.

The Allen County Election Board prepared for a 30 percent voter turnout rate in this year’s election, but some are predicting it will be even lower.  

Here's one easy way to predict voter turnout: look at the year. Especially if it’s an odd-numbered year – one that features only local elections – turnout will likely be lower.

Another predictor is something people say they hate: partisanship. National races can be highly partisan, rallying voters to one side or another. Not so for many local elections.  

This election was the first year in which Allen County voters could cast their vote at satellite locations around the community.  While the turnout was higher than expected at these satellite locations, early voting in general may still be lower than the last off-year election.  

In previous elections, the only option voters had for early voting was to go downtown to the Rousseau Center or to mail in an absentee ballot.  This year, residents could also vote at selected library branches around the county.

Katy Anderson

Nov. 2nd is All Souls' Day and is a holiday that commemorates the departed.  Cemeteries are frequented on such days to mourn and remember  and aren't typically viewed as places to go for a walk, host a 5k, or take a field trip.  

But that's not the case at Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne.  WBOI's Katy Anderson met with the cemetery's general manager, Tom Pehlke, to talk about the history of this landmark and its place in the community.  

Courtesy/Troy Ganser

Once considered a kid's holiday, Halloween is now embraced by young and old alike.

City of Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry issued a statement late Thursday afternoon announcing the resignation of multiple employees in the City Clerk's office, including Chief Deputy Clerk Angie Davis.

Zach Bernard/WBOI News

As Major League Baseball enjoys its annual World Series, the Fort Wayne TinCaps are spending their October celebrating another successful minor league season before the winter.

Season ticket holders and friends of the Fort Wayne TinCaps gathered in the Suite Level Lounge to watch Game 1 of this year’s World Series. While fans of both the New York Mets and Kansas City Royals enjoyed a spread of food famous from each city before the first pitch of the night, team president Mike Nutter was meeting with attendees and talking about the TinCaps success this season.

Courtesy/Mary Eber

Most kids love watching magic shows. But when Fort Wayne resident Mary Eber was ten years old, she took to the stage and made the craft her own.

Lisa Ryan, WBOI News

Gov. Mike Pence visited Northeast Indiana today, and one of his stops was to Haverhill Elementary in Fort Wayne. 

Stephen Ausmus [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

When Alexander Strack planted a few peppers for his wife in 2010, he never expected to turn it into a business. 


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