In this episode of The Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central explains the types of chalk. How does it form, what is it made from, and what are its uses? 

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NPR’s Lulu Garcia-Navarro has reported around the world for both the Associated Press and NPR. Her work includes reporting from Iraq before and during the US intervention in 2003 and covering the Arab Spring uprising in Libya in 2011.

Lulu recently became the new host of Weekend Edition Sunday, which can be heard from 8 to 10am on 89.1 WBOI.

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WBOI's "Tossed Jazz Salad" is a tasty mixture of that genre's styles and forms, served up every Tuesday evening by volunteer host, Bob Mayer.

89.1 WBOI's Spring Warp Drive

Feb 23, 2017

As spring approaches, so does another season of fundraising for the station. Given the success of last fall's "warp drive", we wanted to bring it back - with the same goal of limiting interruptions to the programming that WBOI listeners count on to stay informed and entertained.

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One of the things that separates professionals, like doctors and lawyers, from other occupations is the additional responsibilities they take on. The nature of these responsibilities depends upon the profession and the particular professional’s role within the profession, but they all fall under the general category of working in the best interest of their client or patient.

Erosion washes away about a foot of soil each year on the banks of the St. Marys River near Headwaters Park. This is bad for the land and also for the rivers, which is why the city plans to stabilize the riverbank in this area to prevent future erosion.

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The geosciences department at Indiana University--Purdue University Fort Wayne inspired the idea for the school’s mascot, the mastodon. Students in that department helped uncover a mastodon fossil about 40 miles north of the school, which is now on permanent display at IPFW. However, the department itself has just been eliminated.

This week on The Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central examines solar cells. How do they work, how are they made, and from what are they made? 

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The African Children's Choir, with its parent organization, Music for Life, aims to help their country's most vulnerable children today, so they can help Africa grow in the future.

This Saturday and Wednesday, these 18 talented young singers will be performing in Harlan and Berne, Indiana.

The Allen County-Fort Wayne Capital Improvement Board unveiled schematic designs and cost estimates for a potential downtown event center Thursday morning.