Rob Martinez

Seven is a lucky number for many different reasons.  There are seven days in a week, seven continents, seven seas, seven colors in a rainbow, seven wonders of the World, and Shakespeare's seven ages of man.

Rob Martinez, the host of "The Movie Music Spotlight" sees it a different way:

"There's seven dwarfs surrounding Snow White, seven samurai, seven days in Tibet, Marilyn Monroe had a seven year itch, and don't forget a British spy with the code name 007."

The City of Fort Wayne has begun investing revenue from its recent income tax increase to a sidewalk improvement project.

Elevatus Architecture

Fort Wayne City Council voted 6-2 in favor of a bill that would limit campaign contributions from contractors Tuesday night.

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Fort Wayne City Council approved the purchase agreement of the North River property, on Clinton and Fourth, on a 5-3 vote Tuesday night.

The U.S. Justice Department Awarded Fort Wayne a grant of nearly 1 million dollars to hire more police officers. 

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Fort Wayne City Council advanced a measure Tuesday night that could limit how campaign contributions affect the bidding process for development projects.

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Fort Wayne City Council put discussion for a controversial land acquisition proposal on hold until next week’s meeting.

Classical 94.1 WBNI will be operating at reduced power for a portion of this afternoon  as it undergoes routine maintenance. We expect to be back at full power by 2pm. 

Online listening will not be disrupted. Thank you for your patience. 

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IPFW held a ribbon cutting to launch the opening of its new on-campus food bank. Administrators say the food pantry is open to students, staff and the public. 

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IPFW hosted an economic panel Friday that touched on positive and negative trends seen around the world, the United States, Indiana and the Northeast region.