Health & Science
3:00 pm
Sat July 18, 2015

Weekly Experiment - Ring of Fire

In this episode of the Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central explains the Ring of Fire.  What is this enormous area in the Pacific region, and why is it so geologically active?

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Zoo News
4:01 pm
Fri July 17, 2015

Kids' Zoo Set to Renovate Jungle Lab Classroom

Kim Sabrosky from Indiana Michigan Power presents a $75,000 gift to the zoo's director, Jim Anderson. Children from the zoo's summer camp watched the press conference.
Credit Lisa Ryan / WBOI News

The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo will renovate a 21-year-old classroom called the Jungle Lab.

It's deep in the Indonesian rain forest exhibit, past the monkeys and tigers, and now, the lab is set for a facelift. The Jungle Lab brings in students during field trips and summer camp to learn about animals in an interactive environment.

The $75,000 renovation gift comes from the American Electric Power Foundation.

Erica Putt, a spokeswoman for AEP and Indiana Michigan Power, says the foundation donates money for programs that help build students’ science and math skills.

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3:08 pm
Fri July 17, 2015

Pence Makes First Nomination to Indiana Court of Appeals

Gov. Mike Pence (left) named Marion County Judge Robert Altice (far right) to the Indiana Court of Appeals Friday.
Credit Flickr / Mike Pence

Governor Mike Pence has made his pick to fill a vacancy on the Indiana Court of Appeals – the first such appointment Pence has made in his two and a half years in office.  His selection, announced Friday, is Marion County Judge Robert Altice.

Altice has been through this process before – three times he’s been nominated to fill an Appeals Court vacancy.  And as Altice put it, the third time was the charm. 

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Politics & Government
5:07 pm
Thu July 16, 2015

State Eclipses $2.1 Billion in Budget Reserves

Gov. Mike Pence and State Auditor Suzanne Crouch closed out Indiana's 2015 fiscal year Thursday.
Credit Brandon Smith / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Governor Mike Pence Thursday proudly touted Indiana’s continued fiscal strength as he closed the books on the fiscal year.  But that strength has Democrats wondering why Pence continues to order state agencies to cut their budgets.

Indiana finished its 2015 fiscal year with a $210 million surplus, helping increase budget reserves to more than $2.1 billion.  But state agencies reverted $133 million, meaning if the governor hadn’t required agencies to send any money back, the state still would’ve had a surplus. 

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Arts & Culture
3:17 pm
Wed July 15, 2015

Three Rivers Film Festival Showcases Area Talent

Film Festival coordinator, Todd Grimes sees Fort Wayne's "film community" growing daily, and believes it's a great asset to the city.
Credit Courtesy/Todd Grimes

Thanks to PBS39 and Cinema Center, the spotlight is on amateur film and video makers Wednesday with the 5th annual Three Rivers Film Festival.

The 15 short films in this screening represent animation, drama, comedy and music video genres -- providing what event coordinator Todd Grimes calls "great exposure to a variety of different styles and artistic direction."

For a peek "behind the screen," WBOI's Julia Meek met with Grimes and one of the featured animators, Sarah Jones. 

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Opinion - Health
11:59 am
Wed July 15, 2015

William S.E. “Doc" Coleman and Getting Paid to Talk

IPFW Associate Professor and medical ethicist Abraham Schwab.
Credit Courtesy / Abraham Schwab

William S.E. “Doc” Coleman was a dynamic fixture. I did not know him particularly well, and leave the romantic remembrances of his long and illustrious life to others to mark and celebrate.

But I did know him a little. He did his best to direct me in my middling efforts as an actor at Drake University in the mid-1990s. His laugh and his knowing looks are easily remembered. But what strikes me most about his passing on July 8th is how different it was than it might have been even 10 or 15 years ago.

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Iran Nuclear Deal
5:42 pm
Tue July 14, 2015

Iran Deal Gets Mixed Reaction from Hoosier Lawmakers

U.S. Sen. Dan Coats says President Obama's announcement Tuesday morning did not reassure him that the agreement reached with Iran was a good one.
Credit Courtesy / Dan Coats' Office

Indiana Senator Dan Coats says he’s “profoundly skeptical” of the nuclear agreement announced Tuesday between Iran and a group of nations led by the U.S. It’s an agreement on which Congress will have a say.

Coats, who serves on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, says he will carefully review the details of the deal before rendering a final opinion.  But he says he’s harkening back to a deal President Clinton made with North Korea – an agreement which ultimately resulted in that country obtaining nuclear weapons.

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Politics & Government
5:09 pm
Tue July 14, 2015

Employee Sues DCS Over High Caseload

Credit Courtesy / State of Indiana

A Department of Child Services case manager say she’s handling way too many cases, putting children’s lives at risk, because the agency won’t hire enough people.  Now, the ACLU is taking the state to court over the issue.

Indiana law mandates that DCS must have enough caseworkers so that one employee doesn’t supervise more than 17 children at a time.  Case manager Mary Price says her caseload is 43 children – too many, she says, to effectively handle. 

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Election 2016
4:07 pm
Mon July 13, 2015

Gregg Outraises Pence in First Half of 2015

Democratic candidate for governor John Gregg outraised Republican Gov. Mike Pence in the first half of 2015. But Pence has more cash on hand.
Credit Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons

Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Gregg raised more money in the first half of 2015 than Governor Mike Pence.  And at least one political scientist says, even with the election more than a year away, that could have an impact on how the race shapes up.

Former House Speaker John Gregg managed to out-fundraise the incumbent through June by a little more than $100,000. 

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Health & Science
3:00 pm
Sat July 11, 2015

Weekly Experiment - Seismograph

In this episode of The Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central explores the tools used by geologists to measure and record earthquakes.  How were they invented, how do they work, and what are the different types? 

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