Politics & Government
4:25 pm
Tue June 9, 2015

State Income Tax Collections Boost May Revenues

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Indiana is heading into the final month of its fiscal year with tax collections ahead of projections.

The state spent much of this fiscal year behind the proverbial eight-ball as tax revenues came in below projections seven out of the first nine months. 

But a new revenue forecast released in April significantly dampened expectations and collections that month surged, helping the state climb out of the financial hole. 

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Author Interview
8:14 am
Tue June 9, 2015

In "Jacksonland," Betrayal, Expansion, and a Burgeoning Democracy

Credit Courtesy / Penguin Press

President Andrew Jackson has become a towering, mythic figure in American history.

In grade school, children learn that he was a man of humble beginnings who rose to become president, of his heroism in war, and of his expansion of the United States.

They also learn about the Trail of Tears, the forced removal of Native Americans from their homes in the South and the march to Western reservations, along which thousands died.

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5:45 pm
Mon June 8, 2015

Study Shows Hoosiers May Be Ready for Food Hubs

Credit Courtesy / ISDA

Indiana wants to help Hoosier farmers who are ready to grow beyond the farmer’s market. The Indiana Department of Agriculture released new data on food hubs Monday.

“Food hub” can be a broad term, but Agriculture Department Director Ted McKinney says people should think of the word “aggregation” – it’s a way for farmers and food producers, often via a website, to connect with buyers.  And a new Department of Agriculture study shows Indiana can do more to utilize food hubs. 

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Politics & Government
4:43 pm
Mon June 8, 2015

Advocates Prepare for Redistricting Discussion

Credit Courtesy / Indiana Secretary of State

Citizen advocacy organizations are gearing up for redistricting reform as lawmakers prepare to study changes to the way Indiana draws its legislative districts.

Lawmakers this summer will begin a two-year study committee to examine the possibility of redistricting reform.  The committee will include non-legislators, but the statute creating the study mandates that those so-called “lay” members must have experience, training, or education in redistricting. 

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Health & Science
3:04 pm
Sat June 6, 2015

Weekly Experiment - Rotational Inertia

This week on the Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central explores the physical forces of tilting and spinning.  What causes tall sticks or unicycles to tilt faster or slower? 

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Arts & Culture
4:16 pm
Fri June 5, 2015

New Festival Celebrates Fort Wayne's Arab Culture and Heritage

On a recent trip to the Middle East, Sam Jarjour was photographed by a fellow traveler as he negotiated with a camel near Petra.
Credit Courtesy/Sam Jarjour

Fort Wayne's cultural diversity has generated quite an assortment of festivals honoring the city's history and heritage, and this weekend, there's a new celebration in the mix.

It's Arab Fest, hosted by the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace.

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Election 2016
3:28 pm
Fri June 5, 2015

Ritz Rolls Out Gubernatorial Bid in Fort Wayne

Indiana Superintendent Glenda Ritz met with supporters and media Friday in Fort Wayne as she starts her campaign for governor.
Credit Sean Bueter / WBOI News

Indiana State Schools Superintendent Glenda Ritz brought her newly-announced campaign for governor to Fort Wayne Friday.

Ritz officially announced her candidacy Thursday in Indianapolis, and is now rolling out the campaign to residents around the state. A few dozen supporters and media showed up at the Allen County Public Library to hear her speak Friday.

In her remarks, Ritz said she will focus on education, economic and community revitalization if she gets the Democratic nomination. She also says she’ll release policy papers with her ideas in the coming months.

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Election 2016
3:32 pm
Thu June 4, 2015

Ritz Announces Candidacy for Governor

Glenda Ritz announced her candidacy for governor on Thursday in Indianapolis
Credit Rachel Morello / Indiana Public Broadcasting

Despite constant clashes with Governor Mike Pence over the last two years, State Superintendent Glenda Ritz says her decision to run for governor isn’t personal; it’s because of significant differences with Pence over how to move Indiana forward.  On Thursday, Ritz officially became the third person to enter the Democratic primary, calling herself the “best candidate” to beat the governor.

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1:44 pm
Wed June 3, 2015

FWCS Students Learn Train Track Safety

Operation Lifesaver's network of authorized volunteer speakers and trained instructors offer free rail safety education programs in fifty states.
Credit Operation Lifesaver

Students at several Fort Wayne Community Schools this week learned about how to stay safe around trains and railroad crossings. 

“Tracks are for trains, not for kids.”

By the end of the presentation by the organization Operation Lifesaver, students at Indian Village Elementary were all chanting the reminder that may help them stay safe to and from school, and over the summer.

2nd graders Julian Conwell, Jodoea Yarbough, and Haley Higgins offer some more lessons learned.

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Health & Science
3:10 pm
Sat May 30, 2015

Weekly Experiment - Tuning Fork (Part II)

This week on the Weekly Experiment, Martin Fisher from Science Central finishes the second of a two-part series about tuning forks.  When were they invented, why are they important to musicians, and how do they produce a sound? 

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