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A donation to an area school district aims to bring new musical instruments to students, and kicked off a fundraising challenge.


WBOI’s Zach Bernard spoke with Science Central executive director and Weekly Experiment host Martin Fisher about the science and safety of an eclipse, as well as why we’re so excited about the event.

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A “Candlelight Vigil for Unity” was held on the Allen County Courthouse Green on Wednesday night, in an effort to show solidarity with victims of hate and racism over the weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Column: Talking Precisely About Sensitivities

Aug 17, 2017
Courtesy / Abe Schwab

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in a Starbucks doing my work. As I sat there, a young couple got their drinks, but one of the drinks was made incorrectly. The whipped cream was not supposed to be there. 

The young woman noted that she couldn’t have the whipped cream because she had allergy. But then, to my horror, she said that it would be okay if the barista just scooped the whipped cream off. 

89.1 WBOI's Ten Buck Tuesday

Aug 16, 2017

Think about what you've spent $10 on in the past month.


Maybe you treated yourself to lunch or saw a new movie out in theaters. What about your subscriptions? Do you have a Netflix account, pay for Spotify, get the newspaper or a magazine? Chances are, you've spent money on one of the above things. Maybe you made the decision with some thought towards your budget, but you decided the purchase was worth it.


We easily spend $10 every month on objects, experiences, conveniences and even other forms of media. Why not pay for public radio?



“A Candlelight Vigil for Unity” will be taking place on the Allen County Courthouse Green tonight at 7:30 pm.

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This time of the summer is usually referred to as the “dog days,” due to excessive heat and lethargy that results from it. Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation held an event to give the dogs their own summer day.

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With riverfront development construction underway in Fort Wayne, the City and the parks department are left to decide on the promenade’s aesthetics. During a meeting of the parks board on Thursday, a sculpture was chosen to serve as the promenade’s centerpiece.

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Fort Wayne’s AWS Foundation is celebrating its ten-year anniversary in 2017, and to celebrate the occasion, AWS presented a donation to the community.