NPR's Sarah McCammon Comes to Fort Wayne Sept. 14

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Sarah McCammon

Information and Tickets 

89.1 WBOI brings NPR reporter Sarah McCammon, to Fort Wayne on September 14th at 7pm at Sweetwater. Her presentation is: Polarized: Covering A Divided America, examining the disconnect between Washington and the nation and how journalists can help bridge this gap.  Tickets are $30. 

You can purchase tickets online below. We will have  them ready for quick pick up at the at the WBOI ticket table when you arrive at Sweetwater Thursday evening.  You can also purchase tickets by telephone 260-452-1189 or at the door on  9-14-17 at Sweetwater. 

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Presentation at Sweetwater  $30 

NPR Reporter Sarah McCammon discusses how today’s news events seem to widen the disconnect between Washington and the rest of the nation, and how journalists can work to bridge this growing gap.

Sarah McCammon covers the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast for NPR's National Desk, and she's coming to Fort Wayne on September 14th.

During the 2016 election cycle, Sarah was NPR's lead political reporter assigned to the Donald Trump campaign. In that capacity, she was a regular on the NPR Politics Podcast and reported on the GOP primary, the rise of the Trump movement, divisions within the Republican Party over the future of the GOP and the role of religion in those debates.

In addition to politics, McCammon has a special interest in science and health journalism and frequently reports on abortion and reproductive health in her current role.

McCammon is a native of Kansas City, Mo., and a proud Midwesterner. She spent a semester studying at Oxford University in the U.K. while completing her undergraduate degree at Trinity College near Chicago. 

Listen Now:  Click on the links below to hear Sarah Mc Cammon reporting for NPR News. 

  Category- Environment; Date-July 2017; Brief Description – A massive swamp was dug out several centuries ago, in Virginia and NC, to make the land fertile and usable for agriculture but instead it has now created a vulnerable environment to both floods and wildfire.


    Category – History & Politics; Date – July 2017; Brief Description – Cities down south are still trying to figure out what to do and how to bring down the Confederate flags. Protesters are trying hard to get rid of the flags!


  Category – Healthcare; Date- June 2017; Brief Description - this article talks about how Tennessee did not expand Medicaid throughout the state and how it is affecting people in TN even those who have issues with their teeth!


   Category – Religion & Healthcare(Abortion); Date-May 2017 Brief Description – This story tells us how a group of religious ministers, through a clergy network,  in 1973 helped women throughout the country get abortions even though it was illegal in the country and also marks the groups 50th anniversary.

  Category – Education & Politics; Date- May 2017; Brief Description – President Trump gives his first commencement speech, after the elections, at Liberty University, a Christian institution whose students gave a lot of love to Trump during elections. Here, the school’s president and students applauded and praised Trump’s accomplishments.


    Category – Politics; Date – May 2017; Brief Description – A visit to Virginia shows how some Trump supporters are critical of their President’s actions while others seem to support him despite the accusations on him!


Category – Environment & Technology; Date- May 2017; Brief Description – In Charleston, SC, Google pumps out half million gallon of water every day to cool its data center. Now, they are requesting to triple this quantity to one and half million gallons of water. This is bringing in a lot of concern from the community regarding the ground water level depletion.


     Category – Health & Military; Date – April 2017; Brief Description – The armed forces uses drones controlled by agents remotely in combat and warfare. Not only do the soldiers at the site get affected but even the agents controlling the drones remotely have several psychological stressors.


     Category – Religion & Entertainment; Date – April 2017; Brief Description – “Brio”, a Christian Teen Magazine that has been out of business for a while now is going to make a comeback. The magazine published articles that were accepted by the Christian faith while their counterparts such as “Seventeen” or “Teen Vogue” had articles about fashion and dating that was looked down upon by conservative Christian parents.


  Category – Around the Nation; Date – March 2017; Brief Description – Women all around the country participated in a strike “A Day Without Women” opposing Donald Trump’s inauguration. Women all over the country are trying to equip women with self-defense skills, voter registration ability as well as making women more involved in politics.


  Category – Energy & Environment; Date – Feb 2017; Brief Description – Wind power is one of the biggest sources of renewable power  in the United States and  a wind farm in NC is the one of the first and largest wind power generators to be built in the south-east US.


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