The 118th Indiana General Assembly discusses impending challenges

Nov 20, 2012

As members were sworn in Tuesday, leaders of Indiana’s House and Senate warned of obstacles ahead for the 118th Indiana General Assembly.

Republicans hold super majorities in both houses for the next two years, rendering Democrats relatively powerless in the legislative process. 

But Senate President Pro Tem David Long preached bipartisanship to his chamber as he cautioned about the obstacles the legislature faces.

"In the coming months it will be dependent upon us to work as closely together as we can and try to solve some of the genuine problems for our state, that the budgeting challenges will be real," Long said.

House Speaker Brian Bosma said he will focus on engaging the minority caucus.

"I’ve also pledged personally that we will, every step of the way, have an open door, open communications and try to include them in every bit of the process," said Bosma. " So we may disagree at times, and we know that, but we’re not going to be disagreeable about it."

House minority leader Scott Pelath said his caucus will focus on educating the public and providing alternatives to the majority.