Artlink's CSA Flips the Economic Model for Artists, Buyers

Apr 29, 2015

Artlink Executive Director Amber Foster.
Credit Courtesy / Amber Foster

Fort Wayne’s Artlink is trying out a new economic model for connecting artists and art enthusiasts.

Recently, the nonprofit gallery recruited nine artists and paid them upfront for work they’ll release this summer.

Now, they’re appealing to the region's art lovers to buy a share of that work.

It’s called Community Supported Art, and it’s a reversal of the typical model in which artists create work that may or may not be purchased down the road. The program is based on a similar model developed in Minneapolis.

Artlink Executive Director Amber Foster says the CSA is a way to discover emerging artists in the region and support the creation of new work while bringing creators and buyers together.

For more on the CSA, listen to our extended interview with Foster below.

To find out more about Artlink's CSA, and to buy one of the remaining shares, check out the Fort Wayne Arts Incubator website.