Attorney General Honors Local Drug Program

Nov 11, 2015

Indiana AG Greg Zoeller honors Fort Wayne first responders for naloxone program.
Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

The Fort Wayne Fire Department was honored for its work in preventing opioid overdose deaths in the area.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller was in Fort Wayne Wednesday to honor the fire department’s naloxone program.

Naloxone -- also known as "narcan" -- is “antidote” that is administered in the event of an overdose, and so far the program has saved 15 lives.

Zoeller presented special pins to first responders who are trained to use naloxone. He also praised the city’s fire department for the lives they have saved and emphasized the need for more training statewide.

“We’ve got a lot more work to do,” said Zoeller. “These are kind of leaders in the field. Within five hours of being trained, they’re saving a life. So we really need to work harder to get everybody trained.”

Zoeller’s visit comes just two weeks after he announced a grant program that would help law enforcement and first responders afford naloxone kits.

Fort Wayne Fire Chief Eric Lahey was at the ceremony, and says he hopes the state continues to make progress in providing naloxone to agencies and training first responders on how to administer it.