Brian Bosma offers an opinion on the 2013 Republican agenda

Oct 4, 2012

House Republicans said their legislative agenda in the 2013 session will focus on fiscal integrity, jobs and education.  One House Democrat said Republican leaders are hiding their true agenda.

House Speaker Brian Bosma Thursday rolled out what he said are the keys to a successful future for the state.

Though he didn’t offer many details, Bosma said his caucus will look at improving career and technical education in high schools. The caucus will also be addressing teacher shortages in science, math and special education.  And while he said social issues aren’t at the forefront of his mind, he said he won’t suppress other lawmakers from offering what could be considered controversial bills.

"It’ll be up to committee chairman whether it has a hearing and if it reflects Hoosiers, it’ll probably proceed," Bosma said. " If it doesn’t reflect Hoosier values, it probably won’t."

Assistant House Minority Leader Scott Pelath said past experience shows the Republicans won’t hold to their stated agenda.

“The history of the House Republican leadership is that they talk like moderates when they’re running for election and then they govern like extremists," said Pelath.

Pelath said Bosma should be emphatic that the GOP caucus holds off on controversial social issues so they don’t derail more important legislation.