Census Data: Fort Wayne, Indy Add Residents

May 21, 2015

Credit Flickr / James Cridland

The City of Fort Wayne grew again last year, according to new population data released by the U.S. Census Thursday.

The numbers show Fort Wayne’s population rose by 1,650 residents last year, continuing the growth trend the metro has experienced since 2010.

The city is the 77th largest in the United States by population.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis grew by about 5,500 residents in 2014. That’s slower growth than 2013, and on the list of largest American cities, Indy dropped two spots to number 14.

Not every city in Indiana added significant numbers of residents, though.

The biggest cities in Northwest Indiana all saw population declines, while South Bend and Evansville stayed more or less the same.

You can search through hundreds of U.S. cities on the Census data page.