"Cognitive Advantage" Facility Opens In Fort Wayne

Sep 13, 2017

Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

A new health care facility celebrated its grand opening on the west side of Fort Wayne with a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday afternoon.

MindCAP is a medical clinic focused on cognitive improvement, the first of its kind in North America to exclusively apply the Feuerstein Method with patients.

Dr. Jeanne Zehr is the founder of MindCAP, and has practiced the method for 20 years. She explains how it works, and why she made it the focus of MindCAP:

“It’s like puzzles, but they’re very sequenced, and there’s 25 different programs to help survivors of the Holocaust begin to learn again, think again, have hope again,” Zehr says. “And what we’re finding is this program applies to anybody.”

Zehr says individuals with a wide range of cognitive issues, from ADHD to traumatic brain injuries, have benefitted from the program. MindCAP will also work with local employees on developing critical thinking and leadership skills.