Crosswalk Murals Add Splash Of Color To City's Cultural Vibrancy

Jun 3, 2016

Thanks to Art United's Amplify Art! crowd-funding website, downtown Fort Wayne's arts campus has a new splash of color on its streets.

With pointers from Nate's painting day in hand, Adam will be tackling his own Crosswalk Mural installation this Monday and Tuesday.

  With the help of Artlink, and community volunteers, the first of two crosswalk murals, designed by local artists Adam Garland and Nate Utesch, was installed earlier this week, and the second is set to go in this coming Monday and Tuesday.

Intrigued by this unique sort of color scheming, WBOI's Julia Meek met with the artists to learn how and why this project will enhance the city's cultural vibrancy.

To volunteer for Monday and Tuesday's crosswalk painting, email