Fort Wayne Farm Show Draws Thousands

Jan 17, 2014

The 25th Annual Fort Wayne Farm Show, which wrapped up Thursday, is one of the top-rated and largest in the country. It’s expected to bring over 30-thousand visitors to the city. But that figure may not grow much in the future. 

Young men check out John Deere's newest model of self-propelled sprayer.
Credit Virginia Alvino

There are only so many farmers. That number is going down every year, and Indiana farmers are also getting older. 

That’s why Fort Wayne Farm Show director Steve Guenthner says events like his, that present the newest and most efficient machines, are so important.  

“That’s why the equipment we have today is the size it is" Guenthner says. "We’ve got the same amount of land to farm with less farmers, so that farmer has to get across that land quicker.” 

High fuel prices and increased foreign demand also make the innovations found at the farm show important for farmers to stay productive and profitable. 

But Guenther says despite the decline in the number of people farming, he doesn’t expect the farm show to go anywhere soon.