Fort Wayne Reveals Sidewalk & Alley Projects For 2018

Sep 20, 2017

Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

The City revealed its plans for sidewalk and alley improvements for 2018 on Tuesday afternoon.

In July, the City of Fort Wayne voted in favor of an income tax increase. The increase would help fund future phases of riverfront development as well as improvements to local sidewalks and alleys.

The 0.13 percent increase takes effect on October 1, and is expected to generate $8.7 million annually for infrastructure.

Public Works director Bob Kennedy says the City can focus on repairing certain areas that likely would have been ignored without the new revenue stream.

“The alleys were always the lowest priority, because we always had focus about our arterial streets, where traffic moves slowest in the alleys.”

Here is the complete list of sidewalk and alley improvement projects scheduled for 2018. Projects in bold will begin at the end of 2017:

Arterial sidewalk projects planned for 2018:
*Hessen Cassel Road from Oxford Street to Paulding Road
*Decatur Road from Gable Road to Hanna Street
*Winchester Road from Ardis Lane to Lower Huntington Road
*Stellhorn Road from Sirlin Drive to Maplecrest Road
*Reed Road from Stellhorn to St. Joe Center roads
*North Clinton Street from Colony Drive to Auburn Road
*St. Joe Center Road from Maplecrest Road to Arlington Elementary School
*St. Joe Center Road from Medical Protective Drive to Maplecrest Road
*Bluffton Road from south of Reservation Drive to Dunkelberg Road
*Sidewalk connection between Forest Ridge and Glens of Liberty Mills

Neighborhood alley projects planned for 2018:
*Spatz Ave. and Gaywood Dr. from E. Pettit to McKinnie avenues
*Weisser Park Ave. and South Park Dr. from E. Pettit to Congress avenues
*Warsaw and S. Monroe streets from E. Maplegrove Ave. to E. Sherwood Terrace
*Central and Plaza drives from McKee to Pontiac streets
*Buell Dr. and Hoagland Ave. from W. Belmont St. to W. Fairfax Ave.
*Broadway and Beaver Ave. from W. Oakdale Dr. to Kinsmoor Ave.
*W. Packard and Kinnaird avenues from Beaver to S. Wayne avenues
*Kinnaird and W. Wildwood avenues from Beaver to S. Wayne avenues
*Home Ave. and Beechwood Dr. from S. Wayne Ave. to dead end
*Fairfield and Hoagland avenues from Kinnaird to W. Wildwood avenues
*Hoagland Ave. and Shawnee Dr. from W. Wildwood Ave. to Leith St.
*Webster and S. Harrison streets from E. Wildwood Ave. to Killea St.
*Killea and W. Leith streets from S. Calhoun St. to Hoagland Ave.
*Taylor St. and Michigan Ave. from Thompson Ave. to Nelson St.
*Lewis and Hugh streets from Francis to Ohio streets
*Hugh and Eliza streets from Francis to Ohio streets
*Lewis and Hugh streets from Winter to Lillie streets
*Winter and Lillie streets from Lewis to Hayden streets
*Lillie St. and S. Anthony Blvd. from Alliger to Hayden streets
*W. Fourth and Third streets from Schilling to Franklin avenues
*Oakland and Andrew streets from Spring to Fourth streets
*Archer Ave. and Putnam St. from Oakland St. to Sherman Blvd.
*Oakland St. and Sherman Blvd. from Greenlawn to Archer avenues
*Ethel and St. Mary’s avenues from Goshen Ave. to State Blvd.
*Kentucky and Crescent avenues from State Blvd. to Nevada Ave.