Fort Wayne Seeks To Ease Cost Burden Of Sidewalk Repairs

Mar 24, 2016

Credit Zach Bernard/WBOI News

The City of Fort Wayne is looking to improve the process of repairing sidewalks throughout the city by partnering with residents. 

If a resident gets approval to have their sidewalk repaired, they have to pay 60 percent of the cost, while the City covers 40 percent. But on Thursday, Mayor Tom Henry said he wants the city to cover 50 percent.

Public Works Director Bob Kennedy says he hopes making the process more affordable will expedite sidewalk repair.

“We’re making progress, but with 1,600 miles of sidewalk, we thought we would give an incentive to people who don’t want to wait for years to get their sidewalk repaired," says Kennedy. "It would allow us to get to it quicker.”

The proposal will be presented at the Board of Public Works meeting on Wednesday, March 30. It will take effect in 2017 if approved. Residents can look into the petition process at the City of Fort Wayne website.